Water, Water, and More Water …

As you can imagine with a lake that looks like an ocean, there is a lot of water here!  River water, lake water, pool water, rain water, filtered water, green water, blue water, black  water, and even Shamrock Green water (well once a year, that is!)!  You name it, they’ve got WATER here!  If we could only take a smidgen of their water back to California with us, we’d probably end the drought!

With all that water, we have got to enjoy it while we can, right boys?  But first, we figure we need to show Andrew all the cool looking buildings from the land and the sea!  So we’re off on our favorite “CTA” to North Michigan Avenue to catch one of the famous “Double Decker – Hop On, Hop Off” tour buses.


These double-decker buses are really a great way to see the city so I always recommend this “tour,” which is also a means of transportation, to everyone.


Andrew loved seeing all the architectural wonders, a love that he shares with his Dad.  So he was busy busy click-clicking away at almost every single building!


The famous Wrigley Building


Calder’s Flamingo


My Best Friend’s Wedding Church


Water Tower (one of the 2 structures that survived the fire)


The 2nd Water Tower that survived the fire

Our first “hop off” was at Navy Pier for a speedboat ride and tour of the river and lake.  This tour is a lot of fun because it is fast … really fast!


When you’re on the river, it’s a nice smooth gentle ride, checking out all the architecture and admiring the landscapes.  But then, the captain takes you through the locks and into the open water of the lake that looks like an ocean and … hang on to your hat or it’s gonna go!


Yes, our hair is crazy but that’s because we were going about 100 miles per hour!  Seriously!  We got some great pics of the Chicago sky line and of the clouds that happened to be painted on the sky that day.


It was a great day for the tour, warm enough to want to get wet, hot enough to dry us up in just a few minutes!

“Ok Nina, that was great but can we get in the water now?”  Sure … let’s go!  We hop back on the bus and the driver makes a special stop just for us to “hop off” at the Oak Street Beach.  Have you ever been to the beach in Chicago?  Well you’re gonna go now!


Quieres helado Landon?


Look at all the shells on the sand and the colors of the water!


Check out the “sky scrapers” right behind the beach!


It’s been a very nice afternoon at the beach but I think someone has had enough …


Ok let’s pack it up and make our way home!

Once we get home, the boys realize they’re really not ready to rest, so where do we end up?  The pool!  Watch out — CANNONBALL!!


For the last “tourist stop” of the night, we hop on our bus one more time to meet Nino at the “Chicago Athletic Club” to show the boys the view from their balcony.  It’s one of those “must see the lights from” spots and we knew the boys would love it.


Nina, I think I want an apartment here!


We had a great day on and in the water and our last “must see” of the night was more water.  These are the famous fountain/walls that hold video clips of over 3,000 local Chicagoans who posed for the wall.  They end their video by puckering up their lips and then out comes a huge stream of water for all the kids to stand under!  I love watching this during the day, but it’s fun at night too.


We ended the day with a stop at the Shake Shack for some Chicago “In & Out” burgers and it was a big hit.  Alright boys, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to call it a night!!

Talk to you tomorrow!



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