Technical Difficulties …

Hi Gang, I realize it’s been a very (very) long time since I’ve written.  But as you all know, technical difficulties can really put a damper on your day (or in my case, months!!).  Let me give you the long story, short …

First, back in May, I “updated” my computer (because she had been pestering me to do it for months!), and then I had a really hard time figuring out where all my pictures were being kept.  After I figured out where all my old pictures were being stored, then I couldn’t figure out how to get the pictures from my phone off and on to the computer … it used to be really easy!  All it did was ask me, “Do you want to import your really fabulous pictures that you took today?” and I would press the button, “of course!” and it would all be done for me!  All in their places with bright shiny faces!  Well, let me tell you, this is no longer the case.  Apparently because I have an “Iphone” and a “Plain Old Computer” (in other words, a PC, NOT a Mac), my pictures were not going to automatically import like they used to.  Nor were they going to be put into the folders that they used to automatically go to!  This is not good.  The two of them haven’t gotten along since I updated (as I was instructed to do by my sweet little Consuela Computer who I will never forgive!!).


Then, to make matters worse, I lost my phone with all my 10,000 plus pictures on it.  I was pretty devastated and depressed for days!!  As a side note (and kudos to Apple), all of my 10,000 pictures were actually saved … “backed up” somewhere in cyber-space that allowed me to bring them back to my new phone and therefore, allow me to use them and share them with you forever!  That called for a GIGANTIC … TBTG — Thanks Be To God!!!

Ok but now, back to the “I hate all this techy stuff” … I’m sure that for some of you, all this whining is for naught … you’ve already mastered the “update,” the “importing,” and everything else these crazy technical gadgets require of us mere humans.  But for someone like me, it has been really hard!!  I will never “update” my computer again!  We’re staying right here in the 60’s forever (oh, I mean 2016’s!!  Haha!)  However, I have finally figured out (with the help of my kids, of course!) how to “cheat” the whole “getting along” Iphone and PC system … and you can bet I am going to do it!!  I’m hoping that the Padres aren’t reading this and thus require me to go to confession for “cheating” the system!

So, I am going to start posting my old blogs that I should have been sending, starting in early summer with our first visitors, as soon as I can get the pictures into the blogs!

I’m not out … just way, way behind and I’m blaming it on … technical difficulties!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!








6 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties …

  1. Renee Rivera says:

    Hi Lani, It surely has been a while and I missed our connection. I hear you’ll be coming home for good pretty soon, can’t wait to see you again. Ok, get those blogs posted. I love reading them. Btw, Peggy shared her bike riding video with me, hilarious, of course, after I knew she was ok……

    Renee Rivera



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