The “Second” Second Round!

Yahoo!!  They’re back!  Tina had such a great time in Chicago in August, that she brought her hubby back for his birthday!  And boy, was it a great way to celebrate!  I met them at the airport because taking the “Orange Line” is the easiest thing ever now.  I literally walk about 2 blocks from our apartment to the station, and off I go.  Twenty minutes later, it drops me off inside the airport terminal!  No Traffic!!  No Being Late!!  No Worries!!  I love it!

So, I grab the kids and we head back to the apartment for a quick lunch and then Cliff is ready to go explore!

The best way to “SEE” the city is really by just walking around.  So from our place, we head north to show Cliff the river, the bridges, the beautiful planters … well, just everything we can show him!  Tina is already an expert “Chicagoan” … remember she’s the one who gave me all the great leads when she was here in the summer (my favorite being the “Vault Van” — the best old fashioned donuts in the world, sold out of that cute little van!).  But let me tell you, Cliff is no newbie at this game!  He brought with him a 1/2 inch stack of printed out articles for food, events, and just stuff we should know, along with a steno pad with all his own notes and ratings (i.e., stars and check marks for his favorites!) .  We were well equipped and ready to hit the city!

First stop … Memorial Park, Downtown Chicago.


Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial


Tina’s dad, our brother-in-law Frank, is a Vietnam Vet, so we stopped here to give thanks and prayers for all those whose names were on the wall and for all who served our country.  It was quite emotional and, of course, stopped us for a moment to remember to be grateful for this great country and those who sacrificed for us.

Ok, let’s keep going!  By the time we hit the “Magnificent Mile” we are just full of anticipation for … the flower planters.  We try to explain them to Cliff but until you actually see them, it’s hard to explain.  This week, the planters looked like this:


Full of cauliflower, white mums and rosemary.


After a great afternoon of walking around, we met Eddie for dinner up at “Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch” because Cliff is a big sports fan and we really enjoyed the “Chicago Sports Museum” the last time we were there.  Not to mention, they have an amazing Chicken Pot Pie!  Almost as good as my homemade one!


“Holy Cow!”


Cliff as the next Cubs Star!

Eddie was doing his best Harry Caray impersonation inside the broadcast booth and Cliff was doing his best to get the guy out at first!  The boys had a blast and Tina and I enjoyed watching them play!

It was a long, full day and we made it back to the apartment for a good night’s rest … we have another full day ahead of us!

Talk to you tomorrow!













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