Who Wants To Go For a Little Jog?

Anyone?  Well, there are a few of you out there that I know would do this in a heartbeat!  We knew the famous Chicago Marathon was going to be taking place on Sunday and we also knew that it began and ended in Grant Park (our “neighborhood” park … remember?).  It was a beautiful day for a run and since we had never been to a marathon before, we wanted to get in on the action and see what it was all about.  Well let me tell you … it “mowed” me over!  Haha!!  When we got to the corner and could see the throngs of people lined up like the Rose Parade, we knew this was something special.  It was so exciting!  Those runners were like heroes!  And of course, many of them were.  They were running not only for themselves, but many had shirts with “causes” they were running for … cancer survivors, diabetes, veterans, etc., … it was so awesome!  And quite emotional.  When you see them actually running their hearts out at the end of 26 miles and you hear the crowds cheering them on and a voice over the loudspeaker saying … “Keep going, you have just crossed the 26 mile marker!!  You only have .2 to go!”  I was overcome with joy for their success!  I will definitely do that again!  What inspirations they were to us!

Chicago Marathon 2015 005

It’s hard to see them from this picture but they are the little tiny peoples facing away from us almost smack dab in the middle of the picture.

This one is a little better …

Chicago Marathon 2015 006

And this one is the best!  Run Forrest, run!

Chicago Marathon 2015 011

It is pretty unbelievable to think that they have just RUN 26 MILES!!  Who does that?  Well that day, about 40,000 people did it.  Yes FORTY THOUSAND PEOPLE RAN THE MARATHON!!  So for all of you out there that do this type of activity … You are awesome!!  I hope all you runners out there decide to participate in this marathon next year … we’ll be on the corner to cheer you on for sure!!

After all that excitement, Martha & I decided to go see the fall flower planters up on North Michigan Avenue while the boys watched their football games.

Martha & Darrel Last Day 003

Martha & Darrel Last Day 016

Martha & Darrel Last Day 018

Martha & Darrel Last Day 017

We really enjoyed the fall flower look up and down both sides of the street … it still amazes me how beautiful they make their streets and sidewalks here!  We also had an opportunity to meet quite a few of the runners and extended our congratulations to everyone we saw wearing a medal.  Here are two runners we met from Argentina!  They had just finished the race that morning and were out for a stroll of the Chicago scenery before they were headed back home.

Martha & Darrel Last Day 002

On our way back to the apartment, we passed a sculpture that I refer to as “the Chicago Angel.”  I pass by her all the time and she’s a beauty, decked out in flowers and framed (usually) by a beautiful clear blue sky.  Today, not so much as the clouds buzzed by just as we were getting there, but I wanted to show you her.

Martha & Darrel Last Day 013

Every time I pass her by, I always think of you and say a quick prayer that you are happy, safe, and healthy.  I can’t wait to introduce you to her when you get here!

Talk to you tomorrow!









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