Time to Go …

Well it was the last day with our “tornado” so we took the day by horns and set out to find some new places!  Eddie really wanted to go back to the “Marketplace” so we found a free trolley to hop on and go go go!

The French Market

The French Market

The shopping there is so unique and there are tons of different options of things to eat, to buy, to sample, to try and so … we did!  We got some organic apples, some cheese, some ice cream … you name it, we tasted it!  But, we couldn’t get too full … because we were on our way to “Green Street Meats” … another fabulous restaurant with an outdoor space that was really cool.  We needed to get lunch because Choochie’s plane left in the afternoon and, of course, her dad wanted to make sure she had enough food to last her til she got home!

Meats is a barbeque joint in the same neighborhood as the tea place.  So the “Near West Side” neighborhood.  That whole little neighborhood is really cool.  It is where the original meat packer warehouses were so there are a lot of butchers and delis and bakery shops that are original to their family roots from the early 1900’s.

Well we stood in line and placed our order and then, waiting patiently amid the most amazing smells, we drooled.  And watched and “ooohhed” and “ahhhhhed” as other people got their meals delivered to them.  That was agony … and then … ours!!  OMG it looked delicious, smelled delicious and tasted delicious.  Fresh, hot, barbequed meats … WOW!

Chu September 2015 (8)

Frito Pie with smoked brisket, rib tips, mac and cheese, and pulled pork sandwich.

Smoked salmon ... one of my favorite meals!

Smoked salmon … one of my favorite meals!

And here’s another thing about these Chicagoans and their food … they serve tons of it!!  Everything is just piled on and you could literally share one meal with about 4 people!  We are learning to do that but when everyone wants to taste something different … well you know what happens then!

In any event, we had yet another fabulous meal (that should keep Choochie full for the whole next day!) and a great afternoon of exploring.  We took the train back to our apartment to get her loaded up for her flight home.  When the time came for her to go, we walked her around the corner to the “Orange Line” and sent her on her way.

Gosh, I hate it when you guys leave!!  Ok, talk to you tomorrow!!


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