Tea Time!

When the girls were little, we went to “tea” a lot!  We found little tea houses from Pasadena to Julian and everywhere in between.  So, Choochie did a little research for tea houses in the city and apparently it’s a big deal!!  All the hotels and many of the pubs offer an afternoon tea.  We didn’t need a “fancy” tea … just an old fashioned afternoon tea with cute little sandwiches and a warm pot of tea.  So, how did we choose where to go with all those options?  The CHEAPEST!!  I’m not gonna lie .. it was that easy.  It was in a neighborhood that we hadn’t explored before so off we went to find “The Near West Side” about a mile and a half from our apartment.  Straight up Clark Street and turn left on Randolph to Green Street.  It was an invigorating walk, which then allowed us to splurge on scones and clotted cream and lots of dessert!!   Of course, the place was so awesome … The Allis is yet another historic building with charm and elegance and tons of great service.  I’m so bummed that I didn’t take a picture of the outside of the building, but you can see it here on their site.  But before we got there we passed …

Eddie’s “other” office …

The sculpture outside of Eddie's client's office

The sculpture outside of Eddie’s client’s office

The Clark Street Bridge …

Another famous bridge

Another famous bridge

Marshall Fields Department Store, which is now (sadly) Macy’s …

The original department store.

The original department store.

and, of course, the river …


It really doesn’t matter where you go in the city, there are going to be some fun shots and fabulous backgrounds.

After our little jaunt, we arrived thirsty, hungry, and ready to just relax.  The tea was steeped just right, the scone was warm and fresh, and the plate of goodies?  OMG, you decide …





Chu September 2015 (18)


Is that the cutest most yummy looking tea time ever?  Well let me tell you … it was!  And as far as the price goes, it was the best deal I think I’ve ever paid for an afternoon tea.  I can’t wait til you get here so I can take you here too!

Cheery-oh, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Tea Time!

  1. Andi says:

    Another WOW day in Chicago! What delicious fun! Saw the website. What a charming place! Did you just want to stay there all day???? I would have!! Literally, I would have! LOL!


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