You’re Staying?

After Edward and Ash went home, and because it worked out with Choochie’s work schedule, she was able to extend her stay with us for a few more days.  What?  You’re staying?  Oh … ok then!  haha!!  It’s always that way with our beloved “Tornado”!!  But she did good!  She found out which museums were free this week so that we wouldn’t have to spring for any entrance fees.  So let’s go grab a bike and get going.  First stop this morning?  The Shedd Aquarium.  We haven’t actually been inside the aquarium yet because it’s one of the more expensive venues for tourists.  But free?  Heck yeah, we’re going!!  And it does not disappoint.  I thought it would be weird because I always think of salt water aquariums, like Monterey Bay or Long Beach.  This one was different in that each exhibit was from a different part of the world and it explained their water/climate/animal lives as it would be in their own region.  Our first stop was the Amazon River and rain forest.  That was incredible.  So much wildlife and life under water!  From bugs to deadly frogs and pirahnas … um, it was beautifully exhibited but I’m quite sure I would never be able to get myself to experience it first hand for any amount of money.  Nope … the exhibit was just great!  They have a fabulous indoor water stage where they put on the shows, you can see dolphins, beluga whales, etc. performing, but the best part about it was it’s location.  As you are seated in the amphitheater-type seating, you look out at Lake Michigan.  It was so pretty today you could see everything in the background perfectly clear!

The seating arrangement.

The seating arrangement.

Lake Michigan and the Adler Planetarium in the background.

Lake Michigan and the Adler Planetarium in the background.

We missed the show because we were too busy checking out the exhibits and the crazy frogs but we’ll do it the next time there’s a “FREE” day for sure!

Cute little deadly things!

Cute little deadly things!


After a quick break on their outdoor patio, we kept moving along.


Checking out her Dad’s office from the outdoor patio at Shedd Aquarium.

Next stop … keep riding down the lane to the Planetarium … The Adler Planetarium.  I should probably mention that all of these venues are on “Museum Campus” which is where the Field Museum and Soldier Field (the stadium where the Bears play football) are also located.  Remember that this is about a half mile from our apartment … so very close by!

The Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium

For any of you space enthusiasts or star gazers out there, you would love this place.  This was another new museum, another free museum, another great museum!  We didn’t see as much as we would have liked because we had spent the morning at the Shedd, but we got a taste of what we want to see next time.  The architecture and the interior style of this place is sooo cool … modern and original at the same time.  The Adler is America’s first planetarium and it’s mission is to inspire exploration and understanding of the Universe.  Well it certainly inspired us!

The cafeteria inside the Planetarium.

The cafeteria inside the Planetarium.

Hey Chooch, you hungry?

Hey Chooch, you hungry?

There is so much to learn here and actually see.  I think we’ll just need to pick an exhibit and start by seeing them one by one.  I would love to see the “Moon Mission” next .. I’ll keep you posted on that!

Before we left, we were offered an opportunity to look at the sun!  The sun?  How many times did your mother tell you not to look directly at the sun??  You’re gonna go blind!!  But no, here they want you to look at the sun!!  With some crazy, high-powered telescope, you can actually see the sun rays blowing up on the surface!  It was so cool!  I’ve never seen anything like that.  They have you look in the first telescope to see one part of the sun, then move you to the second one to see another part and in more depth.




It was absolutely incredible!

As we made our way home, we decided to do a timed selfie of us on our bikes.  That turned out to be the funniest thing we have ever done and I’m sure that we gave quite a few people a good laugh.  Here’s how we tried to do it:  I set up the phone on a wall, held by a rock, with Choochie holding my bike til I could press the button and run back to the bike and … 3, 2, 1 – SMILE!  OMG, it was hilarious.  We must have tried 15 times before we almost fell over from laughing cramps!

Take 1

Take 1 …

Take 2 ...

Take 2 …

Take 10 ...

Take 10 …

and, finally …

Take 27!! Ta-da!

Take 27!! Ta-da!

I can barely pedal home … talk to you tomorrow!


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