Seeing Chicago From All Over!

The kids really wanted to see the city from as many views as possible.  That means another full day ahead!  So first, we rode our bikes over to Navy Pier through the city.  I’m not sure if I told you, but Chicago is a “bike friendly” city and they have worked very hard at providing “safe lanes” for bikes throughout the city.  These lanes are usually buffered by permanent cones or big marked lanes so you are not within the car traffic.  And … we’re off!

When we got to Navy Pier, we decided to take a “speed boat” tour of the lake.  This one is called “Sea Dog” and as you can see, the boats are very different from the architectural tour boats.  This one is made for speed!  Buckle up and hold on!  It was a beautiful day on the lake and even with the wild turns and crazy bumps that those speed boats do, I was ok!  It was a lot of fun and with the spray of the lake finding our faces, it kept us cool and refreshed!

Hold on!

Hold on!

You know how all that touring gets us hungry … and thirsty!!  Well there’s a cute little place right down the street from the end of the pier called “Pinstripes” so we headed off in that direction.  It was our lucky day!  As we arrived, there was a couple of gals outside giving out those little rubber bracelets … like the kind we had at Advent one year, remember?  Well guess what these bracelets were good for???  A FREE GLASS OF WINE!!  Oh yeah, we made a good choice!  Haha!!  We’re not big wine drinkers but a free glass always tastes good to me!  The place is called Pinstripes because it offers bocce ball and bowling ball lanes.  Who’s up for a little family friendly competition?  I am … that’s who.  I probably have never told you guys, but the kids nicknamed me “Lawn Game Savant” a while back because for some reason, I’m really good at these games.  Corn Hole?  WINNER!!  Bocce Ball?  WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!  Who knew I had a competitive bone in my body … until they taught me lawn games!!   Hahah!  Anyway, when you come for a visit, we need to play a little game just to see if I can live up to my new name!

Edward and Ash 008

Edward and Ash 005

Edward and Ash 006

Oh, and I’ve been told that my “form” is quite unique … I think it’s fine!

My turn!

My turn!

Edward and Ash 011

It really was a friendly game … we just had to be sure that I won!

Edward and Ash 012 Edward and Ash 013

This is serious stuff … and yes … I WON!!

After a couple of hours of great food, the best soundtrack (and not too loud!), and a lotta bocce, we decided to take yet another walk.

We stopped at the Chicago Athletic Club because they have a restaurant/bar on their roof called “Cindy’s” that has the best view of the park at night.  The “Club” is housed in another historic building right on Michigan Avenue directly across from the park.  It was a beautiful night for pictures!

Edward and Ash 071

Can you see the Bean behind us?

Edward and Ash 037`

As we continued our walk home, we began to feel a few sprinkles.  This is not uncommon on these warm Chicago nights.  We’ve experienced many summer storms by now and thunderclaps that you can literally feel inside your body!  It’s crazy!  By the time we got home, the storm was going full blast.  And by full blast I mean … rain, wind, and lightening galore!  Ash decided that she wanted a picture of the lightening so she wanted to go up to the roof … I stayed inside the apartment as the rest of them went up to “see” the storm!  Here’s the picture she caught on her phone!!

WOW! That's the Sears Tower in the background!

WOW! That’s the Sears Tower in the background!

Isn’t that amazing??  I told her we are going to submit this one to National Geographic!

Oh, before I forget … getting back to the title of this post, “Seeing Chicago From All Over,” here’s the reason I called it this.  I wanted to show you the pictures that Edward and Ash took on their drone.  This is a new hobby of theirs and they take really cool pictures all over the place.  Well, Chicago was not to be left out.  Check out these pics they took with their “little buddy” from the day’s walk.

Navy Pier

Navy Pier




And later that evening …


The top of Grant Park


Pretty cool right?  They’re getting pretty good at this and having lots of fun taking pictures.

Edward and Ash had an afternoon flight home the next day and I cried … but I’m hoping we spoiled them enough to get them back!  I’m pretty sure they had a great time!  You guys are a blessing to our family and you’re pretty cute too!

Edward and Ash 003

Edward and Ash 002

Edward and Ash 001

Edward and Ash 014

Ok, talk to you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Seeing Chicago From All Over!

  1. Corinne Pantaleo says:

    Looks like you all had a wonderful family time together. Miss you prima! Wow – the pictures were great and the lightening picture was incredible! LOVE YOU!!!!!!


  2. Daya! says:

    Happy faces warms my heart! The Lightning picture was amazing and the drone pictures WOW!! Eddie and Ash will have to show me what that’s all about it looks so awesome!


  3. Andi says:

    Oh, Lani! What a most wonderful time in your life! I never tire of your interesting writings and fabulous pictures! Of course, my favorite was the last one! 🙂


  4. marfa says:

    LOVE YOU Amiga. I was so glad we got to have dinner with “the crew” when you were here albeit sad times.
    These photos that are fantastic. Please be safe and thank you for making us all remember to ENJOY EVERY MINUTE of life. Tell Edward and Ash I can babysit the drone anytime lol and God bless you


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