Number One Son Comes to Town!

Finally!  They arrived … but not until after quite a few challenges to their schedule!  First of all, just so you know, Justina (Choochie) also came to town that same day.  However, she wasn’t due in until 5:00 p.m. from San Francisco, so we were gonna get Edward and Ash started right away touring the city.  We had a 3:00 “river and lake” tour scheduled for them since Chooch has already taken it and they were scheduled to be here no later than 1:30.  But first things first … when they were dropped off that morning at Ontario Airport, they arrived to “NO POWER” in the Southwest Terminal.  What?  How does that happen?  Well to make a long story short, it did happen and after several attempts to re-book, re-schedule, and re-route, they finally arrived at … 10:30 p.m., about 18 hours later!!  Yeah, just a little late.  But, Thanks Be To God (TBTG!) they got here safe and sound.

We made a quick trip to the roof so the kids could see the city lights and then off to bed so we could be “early to rise.”

A quick rooftop peak! Honey, Ash, Justina & Edward

A quick rooftop peak! Honey, Ash, Justina & Edward

The next morning while they were still asleep, I took off on my bike and set off to find the “Vault Van.”  Remember I told you about the Doughnut Vault and the cute little van that Tina and I took off running for when she was here?  Well, she set me up on “twitter” so now I follow that little van and it tells me every day exactly where they are going to be parked … not sure that’s a good thing!  But I wanted the kids to taste the doughnuts and see if my fascination is legitimate.


The “Vault Van!”

Isn’t it darling?  And … delicious to boot!!  And yes, they loved them too!

Now, where does every kid that comes to Chicago want to go?  To see Sue!!  She is a major attraction … almost as good as Disneyland and everyone needs to have their picture taken with Sue.

Edward and Ash 004

Edward and Ash 008

We spent the morning exploring the Field Museum, seeing an IMAX show, and walking through “the dirt” exhibit which is literally “under ground!”  It’s the coolest thing ever!  They start the exhibit by pretending to shrink you down to 1/2 inch tall so that you can be in the roots and dirt (kind of like that old bug movie) and then as you walk through, you literally see everything the size it would be under the earth.

Edward and Ash 015

Edward and Ash 014

Some of it, I have to admit, is kinda creepy … it’s really dark and there were bugs and things everywhere!  I didn’t last long but I will do it again … who’s game to do it with me?

After we finished that exhibit, we needed some real sun!  So off we went for a stroll … through the park, beside the lake, to the Bean!  Of course we went to the Bean!

Edward and Ash 018

I caught Edward & Ash taking a “selfie”

It’s a really funny place … literally everyone goes to the Bean to take pictures of themselves … selfies, portraits, reflections … it’s all done at the Bean!  Can you find us?

Edward and Ash 023

Edward and Ash 022

Edward and Ash 025

There’s a couple of other cool places in Grant Park that I haven’t shown you before.  First is the “Wrigley Square” which is at the very top of Grant Park, a part of the park that they call “Millennium Park.”  As you can tell by the name, it was a park that was created for the year 2000.  Apparently it had many, many set backs but it’s now finally open and complete.  You’ve seen some of the pictures before, like on 4th of July.  But first, back to Wrigley Square.  Because the park didn’t have enough fountains, the Wrigley Family added another one!!  Haha!!

Edward and Ash 030

Edward and Ash 034 Edward and Ash 035

Now the next part of the park is my favorite.  It’s dedicated to Maggie Daley, the wife of one of the former mayors of the city and it is probably the premier children’s park … the best I’ve ever seen.  The park has little “pod” areas with different play equipment and themes and my “kids” had a little fun of their own!!  First we hit the “Slide Pod” that has about 25 different slides, all sizes and shapes and heights and curves!

There are signs near the entrances to each area that suggest appropriate ages for each pod … this area said “For Kids Ages 4 to 12” … hahah!  So much for my kids being able to read!!

The next pod is my all-time favorite … and by the way, that sign says, “For Kids of All Ages” so I’m good!!  This pod is called “The Enchanted Forest” … take a look at the creativity in this one.

This pod has winding paths and climbing logs and resting places, bridges and tunnels and lots and lots of trees to climb.  It’s my absolute favorite part of the whole entire park.  You have to come and visit this little pod with me!

That was another full day of exploring … another day of 20,000+ steps to be sure!  Let’s go home and rest our “dogs” … talk to you tomorrow!


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