Tina’s Dancing Day

One of the places that Tina and I just happened to walk through was the theater district.  You know how I love that place!  Well, I am not the only one apparently!  We walked by one of the historic play houses and what’s playing?  The classic … the exciting … the famous … Dirty Dancing!!  Yes, right here in Chicago!  This happened to be one of Tina’s favorite movies during her growing up years, so it was a no brainer when it came to “should we go?” … Um, Yeah!!!

But first, we spent the day among the statues.  I think I told you that there are statues all over the city that now have these “scan me” signs in front of them.  Well apparently this is a program that was just launched here on August 1st.  This is the first city in the United States to do something like this, where many of the city’s statues and historical monuments are now easily accessible to the “history lesson” rather than me just looking at it and wondering … who is this?  what did they do?  when did they live?  So, with trusty Tina by my side, she got me hooked up to the city scanner app on my phone and now we can hear the statue in their own “voice” telling their stories!  It’s fabulous … we need this in every U.S. city!

The story of Mr. Montgomery Ward! Yes, the catalog man!

The story of Mr. Montgomery Ward! Yes, the catalog man!

I was so excited about the sign that I completely forgot to take a picture of Mr. Montgomery Ward himself … oh well, next time!  Anyway, just as a quick lesson, he is the man who fought the City of Chicago for 20 years in the first part of the 1900’s so that the city would not use the “lake side” property for building of any kind — no skyscrapers, no lake front homes, no nothing!  He had the foresight to know that the people who lived here were going to need a “back yard” and so with his own millions, he fought and won to preserve the lake side.  Now we get to enjoy the amazing parks that line the shoreline here on Lake Michigan.  What a visionary!  And I have to say, their parks are so beautiful.  It’s very refreshing to your soul just to walk and walk and walk among a beautiful park right in the middle of a big, thriving, exciting city.  Our park, which you saw from Eddie’s office, is about a mile long, connected by bridges and walk ways, with fountains and gardens and fields for all types of sports activities.   And it’s used by everyone for everything!  This past summer, our Grant Park saw the final Grateful Dead concert, the Lalapalooza Music Festival, the Air & Water Show and a gazillion other events.  It’s really incredible.

Grant Park from top to bottom but not fully to the east where the lake is. See all the green??

Grant Park from top to bottom but not fully to the east where the lake is. See all the green??

Anyway after a nice lunch at the “Bean” cafe, we headed home to rest up for our evening out!

When it was time for us to go, I realized that it was one of the cooler summer evenings we’ve had, so we grabbed our sweaters and took a short stroll to the red line.  After 3 quick stops we were right smack in the middle of the theater district and ready to … dance!

Lani 002

The performance took place at the Cadillac Palace theater, the same one we saw “Kinky Boots” in.  It’s such a beautiful, historic place, just the way you would imagine an old “40’s style” theater.  I’m not sure when it was actually built, but it has that feel in it to me.  Even the ceiling is spectacular!

Look up!

Look up!

So we snuggled up and sat back for a great show … and we were not disappointed one bit!  It was great!  For me, it was a little like “Beaches” in that I hadn’t seen the movie since the original, so except for the song lyrics (which of course I knew by heart!), it was all new and fun and fabulous!  And you can just imagine the dancing … yeah, it was perfect!!

Lani 005

It gave us so much energy that by the time the show ended, we decided to walk a ways back before catching the red line back home.  That’s the great thing about their transportation system here.  It’s everywhere.  You can get as close or as far from your destination as you want.  So, we walk until we see a station and then we decide to take it home.  Or … keep walking.  With everything being pretty much within 2 miles, it’s just so easy to get around.  The walk from the theater to our apartment is exactly 1.1 miles … piece of cake right?  Anyway, it was a lovely evening for a walk … til we got to the red line.  Then it was a fast ride to the Polk Station, right down the block from our place.

We unwound with a nice cup of tea and put Tina to bed for an early trip home in the morning.  We had … “the time of our life”

By the way, if any of you need a great photographer, I’m going to do this little commercial for my niece now … We’re really proud of all she has accomplished as a small business owner  She is extremely talented and creative … she does newborns and seniors and the best family pics for your Christmas cards.  She uses “props” from nature to old warehouses to wash bins.  She’s pretty incredible.  So, if you need that family portrait now … give her a call … here’s her website for you to peruse at your leisure!  Tina Keyner Photography.

Ok, talk to you tomorrow …


2 thoughts on “Tina’s Dancing Day

  1. Joannie says:

    Hi Sweetie!!! Dirty Dancing is a FAVORITE!!! I love the music, the story, and of course, the dancing!! How great that must have been! Love u! Can’t wait to see you. Joannie


  2. Andi says:

    I am glad you continue to have fun, keep us Californians posted, be a fabulous hostess to your guests, and advertise! I’d be interested in a family portrait, so thanks!


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