Let’s Be Tourists!

We decided to take it easy the next day and just hang out and do “touristy” stuff since we did all the baseball stuff yesterday … the boys are great tourists!  They did whatever I said!  We jumped on one of the “hop on – hop off” buses and took the city tour for the morning!   It takes you all around the downtown area, explaining the history, the architecture, and quirky little “city things” that only the locals know … like, here’s a story for you.  In 2008, when the “Trump Tower” was opened, they had a big ribbon-cutting ceremony planned with all big guns in for the party.  Pretty much from anywhere in the downtown area, you can see the very tall building with the word “TRUMP” in very tall letters on the front side of the building.  So, they were all ready to go waiting for it to be just dark enough to make a big splash when they turned on the lighted letters.  Three, two, one — pull the switch (or whatever they do these days to make the power go on!) and … LIGHTS!  Big huge lights!!  Big huge letters!  There was only one problem … the “T” did not light up.  So, what the entire city saw at the most exciting moment was … “RUMP” Tower!  Sounds like someone was having a little too much fun that night!  haha!  In any event, I must be a real Chicagoan now because like all the locals around here, I too, refer to it as the “Rump Tower!”

Ok, back to our story … city tour, hop on – hop off …

The bottom of the

The bottom of the “El” bridge and the top of the double decker bus … DO NOT STAND UP!

We hopped off the bus at the Michigan Street Bridge, walked down the stairs, and jumped on the boat for the river and lake tour.  You know how much I love that tour.

Me and Woody taking a ride on the river.

Me and Woody taking a ride on the river.

This day though had lots and lots of weather.  It looked like someone from National Geographic had taken a video of the sky and the weather and then put it on “fast forward”!  That’s how fast it changed from being blue skies and light breeze to lightening show, thunderclaps, and waves big enough to surf on!  I wish I had video on this blog because I was able to capture quite a few great shots of the lightening that looked like it was going to land right on our boat.  As I sat there taking the pictures, I was thinking to myself, “gee I wonder if this is safe?”  Apparently it was because we lived to tell about it!

Lani 004

Lani 005

Lani 003

After waiting out the downpour, we ventured out again to take a walk on “The Magnificent Mile!”  There’s a huge candy store right near the Michigan Street Bridge called “Dylan’s” and when I say “huge” I really mean “GIGANTIC”!  If there was ever a candy bar or novelty sweet that you craved from childhood or your college days or yesterday, it’s in this place!  I’ve never really been in a “candy store” like this … oh, and by “candy,” I also mean a menu of specialty items like chicken pot pies, salmon salad, oh and a few other sweets like … cocktails!  Yes, they have a bar inside the candy store for moms and dads to wait out their kids’ sugar rushes, all while enjoying a refreshing cocktail!  There is something wrong with that picture!  hahah!!  But it’s true!  I saw it with my own eyes!


Inside “Dylan’s Candy Store”

After a good hour of “sampling” we walked out empty-handed … we didn’t need to buy anything, we had already tried everything, and besides we had a tummy ache.  If you bring a kiddo to this city, you may want to skip this block all together!!

We ended our day by taking a walk by the Bean (can you see our reflection?) …

Lani 008 (3)

and adding some salty to our sweet at Devil Dawgs.  I finally have a good picture of the dog …


A “Chicago Dog”

Here’s what you’re seeing … a “Vienna Beef” hot dog, some neon green sweet relish, onions, tomato slices, chili peppers, and a pickle, all sprinkled with a hearty shake of celery salt on a poppy seed bun.  Very strange to me but hey … people love them!

After a couple of full days, we had to say “see ya later alligators” to the boys.  I’m not sure we convinced Woody to trade in his Boston “Sox” for the ones around here, but it was sure fun trying!  And, it’s always nice to spend time with your godson and Compadre … so let’s do it again soon guys!  Talk to you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Tourists!

  1. Andi says:

    God bless you both for being such a loving and gracious host and hostess to all who pass through your doors! And then sharing it with us lucky viewers!!! XOXO


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