Los Dos Miguels

What do you do when the “Two Michaels” come into town?  BASEBALL!  That’s what!!  Well, that and beer … and hot dogs … and more beer.  The boys made it just in time for another one of Eddie’s famous BBQ dinners.  He roasted some heirloom tomatoes for his pasta sauce, some Hatch New Mexico green chilis for his salsa and chili verde, and a couple of nice steaks for us to relax and catch up with Compa Mike and Woody.   There’s not too many things better on a Sunday afternoon than BBQ and framily!

Oh, just a little something Eddie cooked up!

Oh, just a little something Eddie cooked up!

We had a lot of baseball to cover in just a couple of days so off we went first thing in the morning for our first tour!  Remember when I said that I had gone to a game at Wrigley Field so I checked “that” off my bucket list?  Well, I need to take that back and quick!  This is a must do … even for those of us who aren’t “baseball fanatics” … I mean seriously … you aren’t really American if you don’t do this tour for sure!

We started out right at the entrance … the one that is right on the street, right off the train, no parking lot, just stadium!  Bam, you’re there!  We had a great Wrigley Field Expert, entertaining and educational, and I ate it up!  Me!  I don’t even know that much about baseball, or the Sox for that matter … woops, I mean the CUBS!!  But he made me want to know about them.  The “billy goat curse” … I got that!  The outfield ivy … yep, 4 different types!  Here are some fun facts all about the “Field” just in case you’re interested or can’t get here for your own tour.

Lani 003 (2) Lani 004 (2) Lani 005 (2) Lani 007 (2)

The tour lasted almost 2 hours but was well worth the time.  When a baseball stadium is over 100 years old, there’s a heck of a lot of history in those bleachers!  There were people from all over the world on this tour and they all said it was “way better” than Fenway!  haha!!  This is a definite stop for everyone, baseball fan or not!

After a quick train ride home, we relaxed a bit before the boys took off for their game.  Me … I enjoyed a quiet evening at home!  I did my baseball for the day!

Lani 008 (2)

The guys had a great game, even in the pouring down rain.  These Cubs fans are really serious about their games … rain doesn’t affect them one bit!

Lani 009 (2)

Lani 012 (2) Lani 010 (2)

Well after all that, they rolled in about 1:00 in the morning!  Yes, they did!  They actually waited out the rain with all the other crazy fans.  Who does that?  Apparently everyone!  In any event, they made their own history that night and they won’t be forgetting it for a long time!  If Harry Caray (Cubs announcer from 1982-1997) was still around, they probably would have heard him say … “It might be… it could be… it is! Holy cow! Cubs win!”

That was a long day … talk to you tomorrow!


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