Beaches … and not a grain of sand to be seen!

Well before I talk about the beaches around here, I just need to remind you guys that I am a few weeks behind on my blogging efforts.  So, last week when Eddie and I came home for the Labor Day holiday, it was really great seeing so many of you at mass and at the concert and even, of course, at Vons!  We had a great time connecting with you and our kids but I’ll talk more about that later!  In any event, back to the chronological events of Chicago!

So, here’s another great example of when your friend knows a friend who has an “in” with a theater production!  Georgina had the ticket, literally!  But first, let’s get you up to speed.  Georgina arrived just as the Hallers were leaving … they literally passed each other “in the air”!  So, once she got settled, we got together for a walk on the Magnificent Mile and a light dinner up in the “North Side” neighborhood where she was staying.  I’m getting pretty good at finding my way around so it only took me about a 15 minute walk/train ride to get to her hotel, the famous “Drake.”  It has a history all its own and when you walk into the hotel, you can literally feel it!  After I finished gawking for a bit, we had a wonderful, delicious dinner, caught up, and made our plans to go to the “Beach” the next day!  Well, in case you’re wondering, there are no bikinis here!  We are NOT going to “a” beach, but the theatrical performance of “Beaches” … that wonderful years-old movie (cir. 1988) starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey … remember that one?  It had been years since either of us had seen the movie so this was like seeing a brand new musical for the first time but knowing the words to every single song!  And what a treat it was!  The musical was held at the beautiful “Drury Lane Theater” and started off with a bang!  They did a fabulous job using the 3 characters playing both Cece and Bertie at three different ages (probably around 8, 16, and 35) in their lives throughout the entire play.  It made the play easy to follow and used the talented actresses multiple times for us to enjoy.  I think Georgina and I would both give it a “2 Thumbs Up” and a “Highly Recommend” if it comes to a playhouse near you!  I’d definitely see it again!  And again … and …

Lani 001

We laughed and cried, and sang and danced in our seats throughout the entire play.  It was a fabulous experience and a great “chick flick” to be sure!  Our advice?  Grab your bestie and run to the beach!

Well I’m sure you know by now what happens next … we were hungry!  As a matter of fact, we were starving!!  We went to the matinee showing so we missed lunch.  But the nice thing about this little theater is that it is part of a conference center so we were able to walk outside and hit up the local in-house restaurant and get served in under 5 minutes!  Ok, that might be a stretch but we were just so glad to eat!  Our waiter was really nice and chatty and at one point asked us if we had gone to the show.  We said, “yes and we thoroughly enjoyed it!”  He says, “well, see those two ladies right there?  They are the producer and the actress playing Cece’s mom, Leona!  You want to meet them?”  hahah!!  Heck yeah we did … even if just to let them know how much we enjoyed the play.  At first we thought, “poor women … star struck by a couple of California girls” and then we were like, “OMG, are you????  It was fabulous!!  You were amazing!!  Can we buy you a drink?”  hahah!!  No we weren’t that bad but we did rattle on a bit about the show … and asked for pictures!  Of course!!

Lani 002

Cece's Mom, Leona

Cece’s Mom, Leona

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day at the theater.  We hope you get to see this all time favorite one day soon too!  Ok, talk to you tomorrow!!


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