A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Ok gang, we’re off and running today!  Up and at ’em and let’s head out!  We started by making a pit stop at a little place around the corner from our house.  The “White Palace Grill” is THE PLACE for followers of the famed Food Network “Guy Fieri’s – Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!”  Take a look at the link because that’s exactly what it looks like.  We didn’t take pictures of the food because it was really just basic, delicious comfort food.  No pics necessary for a big plate of eggs, thick smokey bacon, bisquits and gravy, french toast and a nice stack of cakes!  I’ll leave it to your imagination … maybe this will be your ticket to coming out?  A famous “Triple D” right around the corner!

Triple D ... Amazing!

Triple D … Amazing!

To walk off our breakfast, we decided to walk into Grant Park and just take it all in.  The gardens and yards are really amazing, the bridges are fantastic and historic, and the statues talk!  Apparently all around the city they have these signs so that you can learn about the statue, who the person was, their history, what they did to become famous enough to be permanently on display, etc.

Let learn (or in my case, re-learn) a little history!

Let’s learn (or in my case, re-learn) a little history!

One of these days, I’ll be taking my own “statue tour” and listening to all of them talk so I can refresh my history lessons taken in high school.  I can’t believe I’ve forgotten all this and it was just a few years ago that I took those classes!  Right??

Crossing one of the many Grant Park historic bridges.

Crossing one of the many Grant Park historic bridges.

The park’s gardens are pretty spectacular but the one flower that just blew us away is their hibiscus flower.  They are incredible and HUGE!  Take a look at these flower faces (oh, and ours too! wink wink!):

Those flowers are seen all over Chicago in every color imaginable.  You just have to come and see them for yourselves!

When we finally made it to the top of Grant Park (Grant Park is about a mile and a half from top to bottom), we decided to rent some bikes to make our way over to Soldier Field so the boys could see where a real, live “Monday Night Football” game is played!  Of course, we had to take a photo op at the famous “Buckingham Fountain” which is right smack in the middle of the park.  On a hot day when the water shoots its 17 floors-high stream of water straight up, you want to be on the side right behind it so that you can cool off with the mist.

Buckingham Fountain by Bike!

Buckingham Fountain by Bike!

We had a great day, walking, biking, and walking some more!  We put in over 20,000 steps that day on our counters, which is about 10 miles of walking!  We were bushed and hungry!  Pizza at Lou Malnati’s for dinner of course!

The next day was a self-imposed rest day!  We went to mass at the cathedral, took in a movie, rode our bikes to Costco, did a little shopping, and topped off the day with one of honey’s amazing BBQ’s!  Coco and I were well taken care of … someone brought us homemade margaritas to enjoy while relaxing by the pool!  Ole!

Enjoying a backyard BBQ at our apartment.

Enjoying time with my comadre and my margarita!

We have a lot more to see and do … talk to you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

  1. 57Account says:

    Just when I thought you showed us all of Chicago…..it is such and interesting and amazing city! How wonderful it must be to share it with your beloved friends!


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