Hail! Hail! The Gang’s All Here!

Or to be more precise, “Haller!  Haller!  The Gang’s All Here!”  Yep, they finally got here … and … we’re off!  The first two days were “touring” days, as in “College Tours” for our Landon.  It happened again … he grew up way too fast.  Sometimes, especially when looking at our own children, I wonder, how did that happen so fast … I know we all do, but still.  It happens way too fast!  Don’t you just want to ask God to … S L O W   T H E   P R O C E S S   D O W N,   L O R D !!!! 

In any event, we had a blast riding the subways and trains to 1) Northwestern, 2) DePaul, and 3) Loyola.  It was a great way for us to see the suburbs and neighborhoods of these old college towns.  Most of the time, I felt like we were going to the Harry Potter Academy with the beautiful, old buildings, the ivy, and cobblestone walkways.  It was quite picturesque.



IMG_1221 (1)

Inside the Library

Inside the Library

On the first day, we went to Evanston, the town where Northwestern University is located.  This was my favorite so far because their school color (not colors … but color!) is … PURPLE!  Of course, I had to get a souvenir!



Now, each time Mike, Co, & Landon would present themselves for the official college tour, Lukie and I would “ditch” and take our own tour of the campus and neighborhoods.  We saw some really beautiful “old towns,” did a little shopping, and had some great conversations.

Stopping for a famous Sprecher root beer!

Stopping for a famous Sprecher root beer!

IMG_1211 (2)

After the gang finished the tour, we were … (dare I say it?) … hungry!  And it wasn’t just me this time!  We had two growing boys to feed!  Mike found us a little deli called “Bat 17” in downtown Evanston to get our protein fill so that we could continue on our journey.  And by protein, here’s what I mean:

Anybody up for a little “protein” ??

And can I just say … Landon finished his protein!  haha!!  It was soooo good … a great hand-crafted burger and absolutely fabulous homemade barbecue sauce … and I’m not a big BBQ sauce fan either!  The other notable thing about this place is that “Bat 17” is an “official” Blackhawks Joint.  Now for most of us, that wouldn’t be a problem.  However, Luke, being the avid Ducks fan that he is, was not too happy about us supporting the local favorites by eating our lunch there.  He did, though, enjoy the BBQ sauce!

Before we left for our trip home, we noticed a church next door with some stained glass windows calling our names.  So we went to the front door to see if we could go in for a peek.  Well, the doors were LOCKED!  Oh the tragedy of having the church doors locked!  What if you just want to go in and pray?  Oh well … not here I guess!  But wait!  “Hello … how can I help you?” comes a friendly voice peeking from behind the doors.  “Oh hello!  We noticed your stained glass windows and we just wanted to take a look inside for a very quick peek at them … we are very fond of stained glass.”  “Sure, come on in.”

And so it began.

He took us inside the church to look at the windows and then began telling us some history about the church … the age (103 years old in the same place!), the community, the pastor, the choir and the choir loft, and so on!  What was at first a “sneak peek” of the windows, turned into a full-blown behind the scenes tour with our very own tour guide “Zaro,” who has worked for his church for the past 25 years.  Besides the beautiful stained glass, the very first thing that caught our eye was this:


We all just looked at each other with mouths gaping and said … “Fr. Rich would LOVE this sign!”  Right?  Right!!

Looking down from the choir loft.

Looking down from the choir loft.

Coco reminiscing our old choir days!

Coco reminiscing our old choir days!

Anyway, we had a really lovely time with Zaro and after about an hour, we said our goodbyes …

Zaro with the Haller Gang

Zaro with the Haller Gang

… but even then, he took us outside, showed us the cornerstone and the view from across the street.

Now that was truly a gift that he gave us.  I loved their mission statement and it was completely embodied in Zaro and the care he gave us that afternoon.

Second Baptist Church – Living the Mission

The Spirit of the Lord has anointed us to care for souls; experience the joy of celebrating God’s goodness; and work collaboratively to accomplish much to the glory of God.

We ended with big hugs for Zaro and blessings for their church.  A great way to top off our day!  Thanks to Zaro and the Second Baptist Church of Evanston.  Talk to you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Hail! Hail! The Gang’s All Here!

  1. Corinne says:

    Awesome? But where are the pics of the stained glass? You are right about the buildings. Definitely remind me of Harry Potter. Beautiful!


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