Yeah … Bubbi Made It!

Yes she did!  She made it!  We were a little worried … I mean after all, she is THE baby of the family!  But she made it, TBTG, and we had a blast with her.  She’s our family comedienne and so most of the weekend, we were in fits of laughter and falling over with side aches.  Adriana, lovingly known to all as “Bubbi,” was warmly received here at the apartment and had our doorman, Javier, cracking up from the moment she arrived!  It was a whirlwind visit so we did lots of things in a few short days just to bring her up to speed.

On Friday, we rode our bikes to the …. wait for it … can you guess???  Oh fine!  Yes, The FIELD MUSEUM!!  haha!!

Let's go Bubbi!

Let’s go Bubbi!

On our way ...

On our way …

She absolutely loved my friend, Sue.  She wasn’t afraid of her one bit!

IMG_0750 (1)

We also took a guided tour through the “Egypt” exhibit, complete with an actual tomb and mummies and jewels and hieroglyphics and cats!  Oh yeah, they have a “Cat-Goddess” and for those of you who know our very own “cat-goddess” at home (The “Fat Gurl” — Bubbi’s baby and pride and joy!), Bubbi was absolutely sure that Fatty is a direct descendant of “Bastet.”  I think so too and that Fatty should consider joining her in whatever cat heaven they go to to become cat queens and are revered for all eternity (just kidding Bubbi!!)!  Shoo kitty!!

Cat-Goddess?  I don't think so!

Cat-Goddess? I don’t think so!

Ok, well maybe ...

Ok, well maybe …

At least this cat was “kindly!”  Fat Gurl, you need to start practicing this trait if you ever want to … yeah, whatever!!

Another day, another exhibit!!  Wow!  I just can’t get enough of this place!

After a wonderful dinner at “Sofi,” another neighborhood sidewalk cafe that serves in the style of “Milanese Trattoria” (I have no idea what that means, but it tasted pretty darn good!), we hunkered down for the evening and played (well, I wouldn’t exactly say “played” when the atmosphere is filled with a competitive energy; it’s more like “cutthroat gamemenship”!) a few rounds of our favorite board game … Sequence.  Alright, alright, in the end she beat us 3 times to 1 each … she’s a Sequence playing monster!

Friendly game?  I think not!

Friendly game? I think not!

It was a great first day together, filled to the brim with experiences.  What will we do the rest of the weekend?  Ok, talk to you tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Yeah … Bubbi Made It!

  1. Andi says:

    Awwwwww! More fun with Sue! Lucky Bubbi! Glad you all had a great time! ( I, too, am sorry I missed you. I was taking care of my sister’s cat-goddesses.)


  2. Laura Loo says:

    Did you really wear matching shirts? Too funny. I think you should wear matching shirts EVERY TIME your kids go to see you!


  3. Pancho y panchita says:

    I love Bubbis visit. Good to see you all acclamating to The Windy City…. the Cat stiry…Uhmmmm you know me and cats @!#! $@


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