Jackie & Matt – A Quick Visit!

Another friend from the HNM Staff!  Jackie and Matthew were here in Chicago for a two-week visit with her family.  She came with her parents (Sue & Jim Gasparo) and stayed with her uncle who lives close by in one of the suburbs.  Because of her busy “visiting” schedule and my busy “visitors” schedule, we weren’t able to connect until her next to last day with her family.

Jackie (for those of you who don’t know her) is one of our many amazing teachers at HNM School.  She has been on our liturgy team for a few years now, always full of energy and excitement, always willing to help out with “whatever” needs to be done, and always with a great big smile on her beautiful face!



She is an advocate for all the children at the parish, and reminds us not to forget them whenever a big event is being planned.  She is a gift to our parish and our school but also to the wider community of educators because of her commitment to the future of all our children.  We are blessed by Jackie’s gifts, her great attitude, and her great love of all of us, young and old!

When we finally had the chance to get together it was, thankfully, at my favorite place!  The Field Museum!  Before leaving my post at HNM, I had a conversation with Matty to tell him that I was excited that I was going to be able to see him while he was on vacation in Chicago and that I would introduce him to my friend, “Sue!”  He said, “that’s my grandma’s name!”  I told him all about Sue the T-Rex and he was pretty stoked to meet her so that he would know another “Sue.”  So, we spent the day together at the Field, visiting and learning a bunch of new things at the amazing exhibits.

Matty & Sue the T-Rex!

Matty & Sue the T-Rex!

FullSizeRender (6)

Every time I’ve been there, I’ve experienced a new exhibit and I’ve loved it even more than the one before!  Sue and I are getting to know one another pretty well so when you’re here, I’ll be happy to introduce YOU to Sue!  Thanks for the visit, Matty & Jackie!  I’ll see you again soon!  Talk to you tomorrow!


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