A Taste of Chicago!

Wednesday was the BIG DAY!  The day we’ve been waiting for since we got here!  Everyone, and I mean everyone, talks about this event.  Foodie Funhouse!  Hungry Harbor!  Tasty Tales!  There is no end to the descriptions of this event.  So off we went to see what the big deal was about this … besides of course, the obvious! FullSizeRender (2) We got there just about noon, with about 10,000 other hungry peeps!  Get outta my way … I’m heading for the _____?  I don’t know … maybe the meatball sandwiches, or the sweet potstickers, or the roast pork tenderloin with fig jam panini … who cares?  Just get somewhere quick!

We started off smart … just taking “tastes” of what we thought sounded delicious, and thereby saving our coveted tickets just in case we found something that we were willing to splurge on.  Oh, and let me tell you how this works … in other words how it’s “free” and how “someone” makes money!!  Yes, technically it’s “free” to enter the park for the event.  But here’s the catch.  In order to purchase food, you have to buy script (like our own little festival back home!) and it costs $8.50 for each strip of 12 tickets.  But there’s a “Fee” of $2.50 for each strip.  So, we really paid $6.00 for the strip and $2.50 for the “Fee.”  We bought 6 strips which meant that we really paid “someone” $15.00 for the privilege of tasting a bunch of food.  Who does that??  Well, we do I guess!!  It all started sounding a little fishy to me .. and we didn’t even eat anything “fish” at all!

Ok let me go back to the tasting part.  We started off smart.  Taking little tastes of different items, costing anywhere from 5 to 7 tickets for each small taste.  That was ok, I mean we didn’t want to gorge ourselves or anything.  We tasted some amazing food and some not-so-amazing food.  The pork sandwich with fig jam?  Amazing!!  The duck fat frites?  OMG!!  Jamaican Jerk Cornbread?  umm … ok.  We devised our own little rating schedule and gave everything we tasted anywhere from 1 star (terrible) to 5 stars (fabulous).  After all our taste tests, we found that we averaged 4.63 stars.  What does this mean?  That we’re not picky?  That we’ll eat anything?  That we were starving??  I’m not sure … I felt like some were really, really good and others were terrible!  Oh well, at least we can say we did it!

As we were just about finished, we had 12 tickets left in our grimy little hands.  Did we need one more thing to eat?  We just weren’t sure.  Since we were almost at the end of the tents, we decided to walk off the gazillion calories we just took in and at the same time, peruse the very last row of booths just to see if we missed anything.  Well, it just so happens that we did miss something … we saw it before we knew what it was.  You know what happens when you see a long line of people just waiting?  You have to know what they’re waiting for.  So Choochie and I got in line and sent Jason to the front to see what we were in line for!  This is what he sent us from the front of the line about a half-mile away:

“Today Only – Lobster Corndog”

Oh heck yeah!  We are waiting in this line for sure!  And we’re so glad we did!  This definitely won the MVP award for the day!

The Lobster Corndog!

The Lobster Corndog!

Delicious, Delightful, and Delovely!

Delicious, Delightful, and Delovely!

If we would have had more tickets, we would have had more corndogs!  As fate would have it, we had just enough for one of these babies.  It took everything I had not to go stand in yet another line to buy more script, to buy more corndogs.  Chooch and Jason had to hold me back and listen to my whining all the way home!  I mean it wasn’t like we could have it again tomorrow, right?  The sign said, “Today Only!”  Oh, the sorrow of it all.

Alright already … I’ll stop.  Oh and another funny thing about this HUGE FOOD EVENT?  They offer “responsible choices” … like watermelon slices and zuchinni or frozen kefir and kale  …. really?  They think that the people who come to this want to be “responsible?”  That’s hilarious!!  And I’m not being judgmental, just honest!  Well, I am glad we did this but I’m not sure I would do it again.  It’s really overwhelming with all the food choices.  You don’t know where to start or when to finish.  We wobbled out of park and walked the 3 blocks back home again, which took us oh, about an hour because we were wobbling so slowly … that’s what happens when you stuff your face, right?  Ok, off to dreamland to dream about more lobster corndogs!   Talk to you tomorrow!


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