A Visit from Holy Name of Mary!

Finally!  Debbie wins the prize as first HNM co-worker visitor!  She and Rob made their first stop on their annual trek right here in Chicago!  It was so fun for me to see her, a beautiful woman whom I treasure from our 6 years as co-workers, but even better, as my friend!

Debbie is whom we on staff, lovingly refer to as “The Face of Holy Name of Mary.”  Because she truly is … the most genuine, caring, compassionate person that has ever “Wo-manned” the front reception area in our parish office.  I am not exaggerating when I say that she knows all of our homeless visitors by name and greets them all with a warm cup of coffee and a smile that says way more than just “welcome!”  She offers her heart, her hands, and her listening ears, to people that need her the most, each and every day!  Our regulars after morning mass each day, come in just to say hi so they can start their day off right with a memorable laugh or hug and to get their “Debbie-fix.”

I needed my own “Debbie-fix” so she landed at just the right time!  Even before leaving HNM, she had planned our dinner, right down to the pizza!  Yep, she wanted “Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza from Lou Malnatis.”  Fortunately for us, it’s right around the corner from our house!  So after a tour of our little apartment (which took about 6 seconds!), we set off for yet another “foodie” adventure!

As we turned onto the street the restaurant is on, we saw a gob of people just milling about the sidewalk. “Wow, I wonder what’s going on,” I said to Deb … well little did we realize that this was the line to get in to the place!  Oh boy … another line!

We're at Lou Malnatis for Pizza!

We’re at Lou Malnatis for Pizza!

Well the great part is that they allow you to put your pizza order in while you’re waiting for a table because it takes about 45 minutes (no I’m not exaggerating!) to get your pizza pie.  And let me tell you … that thing is an extra large pie (and we ordered a “medium!”)!  We started our dinner with a wonderful, fresh “house salad” smothered in their own “Malnatis Salad Dressing” that is out of this world good!  We all loved it. And then … after what seemed like hours of anticipation … Finally!  Our pizza was delivered!  And, Holy Moley is pretty much all I can say!

Deep dish ... Ya think?

Deep dish … Ya think?

Eddie and Rob dug right in, and after a few moments of silence (and it wasn’t because we were commemorating anything!) we all came up for a breath and then discussed the differences between “La Verne Pizza” (i.e., our own Red Devil!) and Chicago Pizza.  The biggest difference is that, as you can see, the crust is literally about 2 inches thick.  Then it’s covered with sauce, a mound of cheese, then the meats, then more cheese and then the toppings.  It’s so much pizza that you literally can only eat about one slice because that in itself is approximately 2 pounds of pizza.  They both have their own unique delicious-ness, which is always a good thing, right?  Gives us options in our pizza … Red Devil?  Malnatis??  You know the drill!!

In any event, we powdered off as much as we possibly could before we rolled outta there.  The only disappointment to that meal was … no room for dessert!  Oh well, now we’ve learned … only a 1/2 a slice of pizza when you are counting on dessert!

We said our good-byes as we sent Debbie and Rob off on their own travels this week.  You guys will get to see her again soon … I’ll have to wait a bit to get another “Debbie Fix” of my own!  Ok, talk to you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “A Visit from Holy Name of Mary!

  1. Joe Martinez says:

    Lani, what you said about Deborah (That’s what I call her) is right on, but all the people who work at Holy Name are awesome!


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