Our First “Adios Amigos”

Tuesday began with a walk to a really cool breakfast place called “Yolk,” which totally lived up to its hype.  It’s right across the street from Grant Park on Michigan Avenue so it’s … what do they say … “location, location, location!”  And the food was yummy!  We did have a few questions though, like, “are the plates large enough to split?”  “what do you recommend” and “what is your favorite?”  For some reason, Darrel thought we were talking too much or asking way too many questions … apparently enough that he had time to dive into his pocket, retrieve his phone, and start clicking away … all without Martha and I having a clue about what he was doing.  When our selections had finally been decided and the server went on his way to drop it off to the kitchen, Darrel had a smug little grin on his face.  “What’s that about?” we wondered.  Then he says, “I missed the best part of that conversation, but here’s a little bit of what I witnessed from across the table.”

OMG!  Is that really what we looked like?  Heck, we were just “wondering” and making sure that we got the best breakfast we could!  Apparently, we were the morning’s best comedy show because Darrel couldn’t stop laughing!  Anyway, true to the reviews, the food was large enough to split, a great recommendation, and the “Make Your Own” skillet was wonderfully homemade and delicious!  So, put that on your “must try” for breakfast when you’re here!  Without all the questions please!

After all that food we needed to walk!  So we walked across the street to that famous “Grant Park” to take a look around.  There was a lot to see and do but with a plane ride home hanging over our heads, we just took a quick look and enjoyed the beauty of the park from where we stood on one of the famous bridges.

A panoramic shot of Grant Park from the bridge.

A panoramic shot of Grant Park from the bridge.

Grant Park really needs a day to itself to walk it, ride it, or just sit down and enjoy it.  It’s a beautiful place to just sit and people watch, enjoying the view of downtown, the lake, and the Field Museum campus.  More about that later.

We strolled back to our apartment and then waited for the Uber to come and take Martha & Darrel away … for now.  What a great “first weekend in Chicago” we had with our compadres.  They were a blessing to Eddie & me as we transitioned to our new city, and we had a blast exploring with them.  After a few tears, I let them go to get in the Uber for the ride to Midway.

Martha & Darrel in the uber for their ride to the airport.   Boo-hoo ...

Martha & Darrel in the uber for their ride to the airport. Boo-hoo …

We found some great spots for the rest of you, so hurry up and get here!  M&D, God gave us a wonderful gift in you … the gift of a great friendship!  Thanks for everything!  God bless you guys, we love you!  Adios Amigos! Talk to you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Our First “Adios Amigos”

  1. Martha & Darrel says:

    We had such a wonderful time, we will definitely be visiting u in Chicago & of course in La Verne when u come home for a visit!! Thank you again…God Bless You our Dear Friends 💖❌⭕️❌⭕️


  2. Pup says:

    Those pictures of you and Martha are hilarious!!! Haha just so u know momma this blog is the best part of my days 🙂 I look forward to learning about your new city from afar and pretty soon with you! Keep em’ comin! Love you guys! 🙂


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