Take Me Out to the Ballpark …

Today we had a lot of fun scheduled … beginning with a 2-hour city tour of all the Chicago Mob Sites!  We boarded our bus, hosted by “Knuckles” and “Shoulders” for the “Gangster Tour of the Prohibition Era Chicago.”  We went through the usual safety guidelines, with a few “extras” thrown in for good measure.  Knuckles wanted to make sure that we were well versed in ducking … as in ducking to get out of the way of flying bullets!  So whenever we heard gunshots or the “rata-tat-tat” of the much used “Tommy Gun” of the day, we were supposed to duck in our seats so that we wouldn’t get whacked or anything like that!  Let me tell you, they were two of the best tour guides I’ve ever had and we laughed so hard at times, well, you know what happens then, right?

The Original

The Original “Gangster Tour”

We got to see a lot of the city, learned some great “mob” history (which of course, I promptly forgot!) and had a lot of fun doing it.  Thanks Knuckles and Shoulders for a great couple of hours!

Our next stop … the famous “Wrigley Field” for a baseball game against our home team!  Dodgers vs. Cubs!  First, we took the Red Line from our place north for about 20 minutes or so.  It was just about 5:00 p.m. so that means … commuters by the car-full!  Lots and lots of commuters and most of them going the same place we were going.  Guys in suits with “Cubs” hats on, women in skirts and tennies wearing “Cubs” socks!  It was pretty funny to see all the different “Cubs” fashions!  I guess that’s what it looks like to others when we go to the Dodgers game!  Anyway, as we neared the stadium, we got our first look at the historical site from the window of the train.

Our first glance of the famous Wrigley Field from the train.

Our first glance of the famous Wrigley Field from the train.

Once we arrived and left the train, we walked out on to the street and … we were there!  No parking lots, no trams, no walking 5 miles from your spot!  You’re just there!  We walked into the stadium and stood in awe of this place.  It’s OLD!  A hundred years plus old!  In fact, the scoreboard is still updated by hand at each score!  By hand!

The scoreboard is all done by hand!  No technology here!

The scoreboard is all done by hand! No technology here!

We were given our “First Timers” certificate to prove that we had visited the historical site and to add to our collection of other historical stadiums and we documented it for you, just to be sure!

Our official

Our official “First Timers” certificate for going to the Dodgers vs. Cubs game!

Eddie, Lani, Martha & Darrel at the historic Wrigley Field

Eddie, Lani, Martha & Darrel at the historic Wrigley Field

The game was, well … we won’t talk about that … but being there was tons of fun!  We talked to many Cubs fans as they wanted to direct us to the right places to go after the game, places (i.e., “bars”!) that in their “Cubs” opinion, couldn’t be missed.  We were quite surprised, however, at the amount of Dodger Blue all around us. People walking by us giving us “high five” and at times (much to the chagrin of the Cubs fans) started the home town chant, “Let’s Go Dodgers!”  We were right at home, so to speak!  During the game, we watched the weather come and go, come and go, down-pours and drizzles, enjoying the beautiful show God was putting on for us that night (way better than the other show on the field that we paid to watch!)!  I’ve never seen so many weather changes in such a short amount of time as I did that night!  We thoroughly enjoyed that … much more than the score of the game, to be sure!

Wrigley Field awaiting the storm!

Wrigley Field awaiting the storm!

Buckets of rain coming down!

Buckets of rain coming down!

After a good soaking (both literally and figuratively!) we took the train back home, along with way too many Cubs fans!

A ride home on the Red Line.

A ride home on the Red Line.

But a great experience it was, enjoying the great American past-time with great friends, great food, and great fun!  (Just between you and me, I’m glad I got THAT off my bucket list!  hehe!!).  Talk to you tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballpark …

  1. Joisane Renteria says:

    Love all your photos!!! Glad you all had a great time. I ate at the Mexican restaurant Nuevo. I am sure everybody has told you to have pizza from Lou Malnati’s.
    Enjoy your journey! God Bless.
    Love U


  2. I’m afraid you’re having way too much fun. You’ll never want to come back to old boring La Verne. Glad you’re having so much fun. We miss you!!


  3. Andi says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooo interesting and marvelous!!!!! Thank you for letting us live vicariously through you! (And remember, you MISS US HERE IN CALIFORNIA!)


  4. Lupita says:

    ….I finally caught up!!!!! Wow, what a beautiful city and it’s so fabulous you are enjoying it and sharing it with us. I love it! Must say heights are not for me either, yikes ;}. And I don’t know about their hot dogs; dodger dogs are the bomb!
    Many times we get to learn more about other places than the ones we live in so I need to mention LA offers fabulous free concerts too hehehehehe yes they take place at the Grand Central Plaza in LA http://www.grandperformances.org; Victoria Gardens, The Getty Museum and other cool spots (these are some of my favorite places). There are also cool dance nights at the Music center (which are a must during summer) http://www.musiccenter.org/events/summer/DanceDowntown/
    Lani, last week I was working on the calendar and I couldn’t look at “your” office without you there 😦 But hey, reading your blog is pretty darn cool!


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