A Blues Legend – and a “Grampa” Legend

We ended our Father’s Day celebration by going to a little place around the corner from us … now, remember when I told you about the “Blues Festival” that we happened upon last week?  Well, this was a lot like that.  One evening, we were walking around the neighborhood and spotted a little place called “Buddy Guy’s Legends” … ok, whatever … right?  Well, when Darrel found out about this, and he is a self-proclaimed “Blues Aficionado,” he said, “we’re going to top off our day with the blues!”  The blues band was really good but their piano player was a young Japanese woman named Kumiko who stole the show for me.  I couldn’t stop watching her hands flying over the keys about 90 miles an hour, and most of the time, she had her EYES CLOSED!  She was really talented and I’d pay to see her again!


Inside “Legends – Home of Buddy Guy, Blues Legend”

We shared some fried okra (fabulous!) and macaroni and cheese (ummm, ok) and joined in the toe-tappin, knee-slappin, guitar-jammin blues music.  At this point, I’m really liking this genre … not sure I’ll give up my country station, but this is really, really fun!  At the end of the night, the owner and “Blues Legend” Mr. Buddy Guy himself, came out to perform a couple of his well-known songs, which some would call quite “colorful!”  For those of you who are blues followers, you would have appreciated this!  He’s quite a character and his songs were hysterical (the blues songs tend to tell stories … his were funny!).  Martha & Darrel are big fans of his so they were able to sneak in a pic and snag an autograph with him.

Darrel, Martha, and Buddy Guy!

Darrel, Martha, and Buddy Guy!

After a couple of hours of being entertained, we made our way home.  We thanked God for another wonderful Father’s Day experience, but with a little bittersweetness, remembering a legend of our own … and that it was our first without our beloved Grampa, who enjoyed his first in heaven!  So, before signing off, here’s a few of our favorites with our Dad/Grampa …

Talk to you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “A Blues Legend – and a “Grampa” Legend

  1. A. says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………………the new and fun experiences mixed with the memories………….awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…………….


  2. Pup says:

    This Father’s Day was a bit rough without my papa and grandpa being in heaven but this made me feel better 🙂 thanks for your post momma 🙂 you always know what to say 🙂 love you 💛❤️💚💙💜


  3. Chuey says:

    Your music sounds fun and I agree, missed Gramps this year but glad he was able to be with all of us this year in Heaven since we were all over the place!!


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