103 Floors … UP?? Not me!

As we continued exploring around the city, Martha & Darrel decided that they really wanted to see the “Sears Tower” (which is no longer the correct name, but that’s what everyone still calls it!).  It’s pretty close to our apartment but we really didn’t know that so we … ubered it again!  The building grounds are really beautiful, and it was fun to see all the tourists coming for the attraction.  The “attraction” is really quite simple.  This is what it says on the ticket booth:  “Step outside the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. At 1,353 feet in the air, the Ledge’s glass boxes extend out 4.3 feet from the Skydeck.”  So, you stand in a long line to pay $20.00 to go up 103 stories (yes, I said 103) in an elevator to wait in another line that allows you to walk into a glass enclosed perch (the “Sky Deck“) giving you an amazing view of the entire city, 4 states, and the lake (that looks like an ocean).  If you look at the 2nd pic, look at the top left of the building under the white columns.  You will notice 4 little rectangular shapes coming out of the side of the building.  These are the 4 “sky decks.”

The Sears Tower

The Sears Tower

A close up of the glass bottom perch!

A close up of the glass bottom perch!

So, Martha & Darrel (God bless them!) decided to go for it!  They took the elevator to the 103rd Floor of the Sears Tower and actually stood on the perch, giving them a sense of “standing on thin air” … I think Darrel really enjoyed it, don’t you?

Darrel standing inside the glass bottomed perch 103 floors up! Yikes!!

Since it wasn’t on our bucket list (no reason, just isn’t!), Eddie and I waited for them on the ground, enjoying the feeling of the earth under our tennies!  Whew!

After all that movement, we were hungry.  So, Eddie took us to another little gem that he had tried a couple of weeks earlier, and we knew we were in for a treat!  This little secret, however, was shared with us by a good friend of mine at Holy Name of Mary.  Jose Guadalupe and Mary Gonzalez gave me the contact information for their cousin’s restaurant located right here in Chicago.  “Nuevo Leon Restaurant” located in the Pilsen neighborhood is a place you won’t want to miss.  When we arrived, the line was snaking out the door and down the street so we got in to wait our turn.  At last, we were taken to our table to begin the feast!  And let me tell you … the food started coming, and coming, and coming … all before we even placed our order!  I spotted a man that I thought might be the owner, so we went over to introduce ourselves to him.  We said, “Senor, are you the owner of this restaurant?”  And he said, “it depends on who’s asking!”  I cracked up and said, “well, I am a good friend of your cousin, Jose Guadalupe, from La Verne, California.”  He was so happy to hear that and told me that his cousin, “Lupe” is a very religious man, a very good man.  I said, “yes, that’s my friend, Guadalupe, for sure!”

Me with Daniel, the owner of Nuevo León Restaurant!

Me with Daniel, the owner of Nuevo León Restaurant!

It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Daniel Gutierrez and not just because the food kept arriving at our table (that’s what happens when you “know” the owner! haha!)  When Daniel came over to our table to meet the rest of the gang, it turns out that Daniel’s mother-in-law lives down the street from where Darrel grew up!  Daniel knew the exact house Darrel lived in!  What a small world right?

SOME of the amazing food from Nuevo Leon!

SOME of the amazing food from Nuevo Leon!

Anyway, after our feast ended, we literally couldn’t move … and a good thing too because at just that moment a 9 piece mariachi troope showed up and began serenading us (well not just us, but everyone in the restaurant!).  After rolling out of there, we can confidently say … “We’ll be back Daniel!  Hasta manana, y manana, y manana!”

It turned out to be a great start to our Father’s Day celebration, celebrating two great guys who are wonderful dads.  Our kids are blessed to have them as role models and friends, and we are blessed to have them as great hubbies and the best friends we could ever ask for.  We love you guys!

I hope your Father’s Day celebration was filled with fun and that God blesses you so that you’re able to share many more happy memories with that special “Dad” in your life. Ok, we’ll talk to you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “103 Floors … UP?? Not me!

  1. Pup says:

    This sounds like a magical Father’s Day 🙂 I’m glad papa was able to have fun without me there but I know he shed tears for me. Don’t worry papa! I’ll be there soon 🙂 oh and just looking at the pictures of Darryl on the glass perch made me queasy. I love living vicariously through you momma and ur such a fantastic writer 🙂 I miss u and papa and can’t wait to do all these fun things!!!!❤️💛💚💜💙😀


  2. Toni says:

    That tower deck is scary. Once was enough for me. So glad you are sent to a fun city. Lots to do and food a wonderful experience. Hope to see you soon.


  3. Andi says:

    I’m with you, Lani. Keep my feet on the ground and delicious food in my mouth! LOL!LOL!
    What a fantastic and blessed day for all!! May you continue to be blessed!!! XOXO


  4. Elsie Escobar says:

    What a fun day!! And the food looks amazing!!! I showed Jose the picture, he was very happy that you already went to his cousin restaurant!


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