A Day on the Water!

Today we decided that we would see Chicago by river and by lake!  After digging around for deals and discounts, we found “Wendella Boat Tours” which offers a “Chicago River & Lake Tour” that would take us for a nice leisurely boat ride on the river and the lake.  WOW!  What a great find this was!  We started by going “down river” for a tour of the buildings and the history along the “riverside.”  Learned lots of interesting things (that I of course promptly forgot!) and saw lots of really cool buildings, skyscrapers, etc.  Then, the Captain turned us around and drove us (is that what you say on a boat?) to the “Chicago Locks.”  Here is where we waited while they literally “locked up” the river water from the lake water.  You wait in an area (with a gazillion other boats inside the locks) while the locks close behind us and in front of us to seal the boats in a portion of the water.  Then at some point deemed “ok” by the marine authorities, a loud horn blows your eardrums off and the locks in front of the boat open up.  Immediately the water level starts to change and off you go … into the lake for us.

The gray

The gray “walls” are the locks … almost closed up!

Since I’ve never been to the Panama Canal, this was all very new to me and really interesting.  The views from the lake were absolutely stunning, looking into the Chicago sky line.  These pics won’t do it justice, so you will need to come for a visit and take the tour yourself to see what I mean.

Looking at the skyline from Lake Michigan!

Looking at the skyline from Lake Michigan!


The “Chicago Lighthouse” which still keeps watch to this day!

Honey taking a picture of Martha & Darrel with the skyline in the distance.

Honey taking a picture of Martha & Darrel with the skyline in the distance.

We got home just in time for the skies to open up for a good down pour, with a few lightening strikes thrown in for good measure!  Yes God, we’re watching!  Talk to you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “A Day on the Water!

  1. Betsy Jones says:

    Looks like Chicago is agreeing with you. If you at Wrigley Field tonight, please root
    for the Dodgers. We need all the help we can get. CHEERS!!!!!


  2. Andi says:

    Oh, Lani! What a mahhhhhvelous experience!!!! And what breath-taking photos those are!!! Thank you for letting me see and learn about Chicago (especially the parts you forgot) with you!!! XOXO


  3. Niza De Jesus says:

    Wow Lani!! You’re sure having a great time discovering the Windy City. Thanks for sharing your stories. Now I’m beginning to learn more about what a wonderful city Chicago is. Miss you.

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Pup says:

    I want to go on those tours so badly!!! That sounds amazing!!! I’m so excited for all this touring to do next month with you momma and papa!!!!!


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