You are NOT going to believe this!

Ok gang, this is crazy!  You’re never going to believe this … well maybe you will, but I’m still flabbergasted!  As we were walking around waiting for our tour to begin on Saturday afternoon, making our way around gobs of tourists doing the same thing we were doing, we ran into … literally ran into … Ricardo & Ana Arevalo … from Holy Name of Mary!  Ana moved exactly a year ago in almost the same exact way I moved … to be with Ricardo up in Northern California where his job moved to a while back.  Ana was very involved at HNM as part of our “Prayer Shawl Ministry” and as one of our wonderful “Eucharistic Ministers,” but had been involved for over 20 years in various ways in the school and in the parish.  They were already late for their ride back to the airport but decided to stop and take a quick “selfie” over the bridge when we ran into them.  I still cannot believe it … this was certainly a “God Moment” because there is no way we would have run into one another any other way.  There was just too many people out there for it to have not been planned by our amazing God who knows how to give directions in a way that we will listen!  Here we are for a quick pic and as many hugs and kisses as we could share!

Martha, Ana, Lani & Ricardo !

Martha, Ana, Lani & Ricardo !

We hope you had a safe trip back Ana & Ricardo!  See you soon in San Fran!!  Everyone else, talk to you tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “You are NOT going to believe this!

  1. Niza de Jesus says:

    Small world, isn’t it Lani? God works in mysterious ways. Happy for you to have bumped into HNM former parishioners. See how exciting your new adventure is in Chicago? Love you


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