Our First Visitors!

Yeah!  It happened!  We have officially welcomed our first visitors!  Martha & Darrel Knight, our compadres, arrived on Friday after a short, uneventful flight!  Since Eddie was at work on Friday, we started the day out by walking down the block for some famous “Chicago Devil Dawgs” … in other words … Hot Dogs!  I must say that, although Martha really enjoyed her Chicago style HD, I am still very much partial to the La Verne hot dogs created by honey in the backyard!

Lunch at Devil Dogs!

Lunch at Devil Dogs!

Oh well … I tried!  After a nap and a nice walk around the block, we went out for dinner to a place that Eddie had tried (and loved) a couple of weeks back.  I was adamant that we continue the “Friday Night Margaritas” tradition (although, I did cry when I realized it wasn’t going to be with our babies, Edward Jr., and Ashley, whom we have met every Friday for Margaritas for a couple of years now!).  So, we uber-ed it over to the “DeColores Restaurant” in the neighborhood of Pilsen (which looks a little like Olvera Street on steroids!).  We were greeted by Sergio, the owner, and we were not disappointed … all I can say is … OMG, they made us a “Magnificent Margarita” all by hand, with fresh ingredients right there behind the bar.  “Salud” was all we could utter before our table settled down to a serious silence as we enjoyed one of the best margaritas we’ve ever had.  Then came the food … well, it followed in much the same manner as the margies … prayer, silence, gobbling, enjoying!  Delicious is not a word to do this meal justice.  You’ll have to come and visit so you can try it for yourself!  Really!

Margaritas at DeColores Restaurant!  Salud!

Margaritas at DeColores Restaurant! Salud!

It was a great day and we ended the evening with a nice walk back to our apartment, fully content in the experience, the wonderful tastes, and the blessing of good friends.  Talk to you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Our First Visitors!

  1. Betsy Jones says:

    Thank you for your latest up date. Nothing like a good Margarita and a hot dog. Just so they are not served together at the same meal. LOL

    Miss you,


    Sent from my iPad



  2. Pup says:

    I’m salivating as I’m reading this. I can’t wait to try it out next month!!! Give Martha and Darryl hugs and kisses from me 🙂


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