And yet another journey!!


Hi Everyone!

I pray that this note finds you all well … no matter what our physical bodies may tell us, but that our ❤️ hearts ❤️ and spirit are well!!

I wanted to let you all know that I am about to start my next journey!  Something I would have never thought about before but it has been brought to me (I’m hoping by the Holy Spirit) and I am truly excited for what it may bring!

I have decided to become a Mary & Martha Reseller.  This means that I will be part of the Mary & Martha distributorship team, selling home goods, gifts, and decor with a “Mary & Martha” theme … a beautiful Christian theme based on the story of Mary and Martha.  We are all one of them, and sometimes, both!  The products that they sell are of good quality and bought with fair trade and just wages in mind.  Mary & Martha is a division of “Day Spring” (your Christian cards that you buy at Target or the market), which is a division of Hallmark.  So, I feel like I’m in good hands and with a company that has a strong backbone.

IMG_0530 (1)

I would love for you to visit my “home page” at but I would love even more for you to come and see the products at my home for my “Announcement Parties” on either Thursday evening, April 6th from 6:00 p.m. or on Saturday, April 8th from noon to 2:00 p.m.  Obviously I am selling these products, but my goal really is to gather with my friends, old and new, for faith, fellowship, and friendship, and have fun doing it!  So let’s meet at your home, your office, your favorite Starbucks, or wherever you’d like to get the word out.  I’d like to get this line out there to you and your friends because believe it or not, the only other distributors of the Mary & Martha line are in Mission Viejo and somewhere past Northridge.  And I think you’re going to like their stuff.  It’s great for every occasion.  From weddings to housewarmings and baby showers to birthdays … there is something in the catalog for any occasion.


So, please join me at one of my “Announcement Parties” and bring a friend.  And if you like what you see, we’ll have a party at your place.  Remember the old “tupperware parties” where you earned free stuff and great deals?  Well this is the same concept.  Have a party, earn free or very discounted deals.  Have someone book a party from your party, earn more stuff!  You all know the drill!  If you can’t come by on either of those two days, let me know when you can drop by the house to see the all the cool things I have to show you!

I am ready to do this and I’m hoping you’ll give me a chance to show you the product line and help me spread the word.  Believe it or not, I always wanted to “open a Christian store where people could shop and pray at their leisure” … well, I somehow got my chance and I would love to share it with you!

My girls have helped to set me up on social media so here are some of my “links” …

Instagram:  shopwithlanig

Check out the catalog on line or come and see it live at:

My House!


Thursday evening, April 6th from 6:00 p.m. or
Saturday, April 8th from noon to 2:00 p.m. 

I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got!  I would ask for your prayers for this next journey of mine and I thank you for your support.  You are all in my heart and prayers!

(P.S.  If you would like to join me at “My House” on either day, let me know and I will send you my home address on a personal email.  I’m not yet comfortable with putting my address out there “online”!!)

I’ll see you … soon!!




A Place of Shelter … Holy Name of Mary!

I’ve had some reflections about our Winter Shelter and I thought … I’ll just keep using my Chicago Blog to share … so here I go.

As many of you know, I just got back to work … this is the start of my 4th week back as Volunteer Coordinator. I’ll go more into that later …

What I really want to share with you is about the Winter Shelter we’re hosting here in our BRAND NEW HALL FOR ALL that really is FOR ALL! Last Wednesday was the first day of our parish hosting the East San Gabriel Valley Homeless Coalition’s Winter Shelter. What does this mean? Well, believe me, I had NO IDEA what this meant and it has truly just blown me away!

I’ll start with some “shout outs” to all of my dear friends who have been working for months and months to make sure this runs smoothly and that all the volunteers are adequately trained for their specific job and that everyone is warm and welcoming to our (homeless) guests. First, David & Brenda have pretty much put their whole lives into this amazing endeavor and it shows. There is nothing that happens in the Winter Shelter that they have not touched with their beautiful hands and hearts. They are truly a gift and have held us up to the bar that they’ve set for our turn at hosting the Winter Shelter. This runs the way it does because of their expertise and loving guidance to all of us. WOW! Corinnie & Linda have made “Hope’s Closet” a beautiful “store” where the guests can shop, with their own “personal shopper” no less, for anything they might need. Shoes, jackets, clothes, undies, socks, and all the basic necessities (many of which were lovingly donated by YOU guys!) and then even some fun things for them … books, games, jewelry, etc. It makes our guests just feel so “wanted.” They do not pay one penny for anything we give them … it’s all donated and given by you freely and with so much love. Deacon Marv is out there every night making sure that the portable showers are getting hot water and are cleaned after every shower so that the next person receives a clean shower stall for their use. How many times does that happen for them? Not very often unfortunately. Deacon Al and Rita and Rosemary and Hayden make sure that the guests receive a clean towel and any toiletries that they would like to use during their showers. Toiletries you say? Yes, travel size bath gels, shampoos, conditioners, face scrubs, toothbrushes, anything and everything that you would want in your shower, they get to take with them and use during their shower. A gift for them indeed. They also have a team of “towel washers” that pick up 100 or so wet, used towels every night and they head out to our local laundromat to wash and dry and fold and bring back clean and fresh the next morning for the next night’s guests. After their shower, the guests can go visit the “Salon” … led by our own Ms. Juliette who has a team of stylists in there every evening cutting hair, styling it, braiding, and whatever else their “clients” might want. You should see their faces after they come out of the salon … they look and feel like a million bucks every time!  Charlie has been the “quiet strength” of the Team … there working quietly getting all the ministries on board and ready to go, with what I refer to as his “Silent Strength.”  His smile and good humor keep the guests in stitches as he waves his flag to keep their food coming … and fast!!  And, Cesar … who besides Cesar and Ray can so lovingly keep our Hall and Church and the entire grounds spotless … well pretty much no one.  They both love our parish so much, that doing what the rest of us would refer to as “the dirty work,” for them is a labor of love.  You will not find trash anywhere except where it’s supposed to be because of both of these fine men.

Are these all the “amenities” our guests receive? No, let me keep going … if they’re not feeling well, one of our Medical Professionals, Stephi and Sharon, Amante & Christina, and many other doctors and nurses from our own pews, offer their services and expertise in their medical field. They give them a check up, make sure they have any medicines they might need, and again, listen to their needs and make them feel like someone cares. All for free. Then, every night in the kitchen, Cathie leads a team of about 20 people from different ministry groups, who are cooking a homemade dinner for 220+ guests each and every day. These people make every single meal with the love of Jesus and pass it on to our guests, who have told me “This is like eating at a 5 Star Restaurant” each night! And before they leave in the morning, Cathie and a group of about 5 other volunteers arrive at 4:00 a.m. to make sure that they get a good breakfast (although their favorite is definitely Frosted Flakes!!) and a lunch bag that was lovingly prepared by you and the girls scouts and boy scouts, our staff here at HNM, and many ministry groups, who all got together and made nutritious lunches for our guests and even put little notes in the lunches that say things like, “God Bless You” or “You Are Loved” and little things like that to, again, make them feel like they matter. She also makes sure that all our volunteers are fed … oh yeah, every night there is a different soup and bread and dessert and she makes sure that you have eaten too. Oh, and I can’t forget our “Evening Entertainment.” Each night we have a different musical group, playing music and keeping the atmosphere upbeat with the fabulous tunes. Entertainment? Yes, for our guests. And they love it … clapping after each song ends and swaying to their favorite songs.  Lastly, Claude and her new friend Nancy, have been overseeing 55 volunteers each and every night, making sure that the serving of the dinners and the cleaning of the kitchen will go smoothly with all the volunteers. They take the time to call each volunteer and to get to know them so that our volunteers also feel like they matter and that what they are doing is REALLY IMPORTANT!! Because it is. They also have a team of “washers” who pick up our dirty aprons every night, take them home, wash them, fold them, and bring them back ready to use the next night! When we say, “It takes a village,” we really mean that … the “Village” of Holy Name of Mary Parish! You are all awesome and amazing and we are so blessed that you share your love in this way! WOW AGAIN!!

When I walk around the Hall, I have never seen so many smiling faces … on the faces of our guests, who really feel like guests, when the volunteers are there talking to them, treating them with care, taking food to their puppies, and offering them a prayer or a hug or a pat on their shoulder, and on the faces of our volunteers, whose hearts are touched way beyond what they expected and who ask to come back again and again. It doesn’t take that much on our part, but it is just so meaningful to our guests.

Eddie and I have been working the dinner service with David & Brenda and it’s been really fabulous. To watch them (D&B) make sure that the serving goes smoothly and orderly is a gift in itself. It’s hard to explain the process if you haven’t been there to see it, however, let me just say if you look at it as an outsider, it looks like total madness. There are lots of people walking around helping our dinner guests and the tables are situated really close together, with all of their belongings, (for example, their luggage and backpacks, to their beloved puppies), also situated around and under the tables. It’s loud from the talking and the music, so most of our “work” is done with hand and eye signals and believe it or not, it works! Brenda works the volunteer line at the kitchen window, inviting 2 volunteers at a time, to grab a tray of food and walk to either David or Eddie, who is waving a flag in the air to show the volunteers which tables to serve. Yes, there is a method to the madness and it works! It’s fast and fun and feels amazing to be a part of it. I got to work as a “Flagger” last night since Eddie is out of town this week and boy did I have fun! Matt and Suzanne were there providing the music and it was the best soundtrack (in my humble opinion) we’ve had thus far! I even got one of my tables to sing the background on “Proud Mary” and they had a blast! Although, they kept asking me, “Hey where is Ed tonight?” I told them would have to put up with me for the night and they would just laugh and say, “ok, we will!”

I have a lot more to say about this, about our society and how we treat the homeless, many of whom we have met are “working poor” … meaning that they were of that group who was just “one paycheck away” from being homeless and because of something that happened in their lives, now they are. Some of them just can’t get a job for whatever reason and all they want is a break and a job so that they don’t have to sleep at shelters in the winter or on the streets in the summer. Some of their “homes” are their cars and they drive to the shelter to “sleep in a warm place and on a bed” while they can. Some of them are mentally ill and are out on the streets because there’s no place for them to be taken care of, and some of them … well, they choose to be out there for whatever reason that only they know. Their stories are just as varied as yours and mine. It’s heartbreaking to see it and to know that in this country, where we are so rich in resources and money, that we won’t take care of our homeless society in a meaningful, caring, merciful way.

In my role as “Volunteer Coordinator” I thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting involved. We couldn’t do it without you. In my role as a volunteer, thanks for working with me.  You warm my heart as I watch you give of yours.  In my role as a plain old person watching all this unfold, thank you all for the love and consideration, not to mention the hours and hours, that you put into this endeavor. It is truly a gift to be a part of. I am honored and humbled to “work” the Winter Shelter. I’m also so proud of us as a parish .. really, really proud.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you … and maybe I can take pictures of some of our volunteers to post for you. We are not allowed to take pictures of our guests so I can’t show you what goes on each night in the “merciful madness,” but I’d ask you to picture a homeless person that you’ve seen lately and pray for them and all our homeless, that God would protect them and keep them safe, until they can be cared for and treated in a manner that is worthy of their name … a Beloved Son or Daughter of God.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Merry Everything 2016!

Dearest Everyone! 

I know that I owe you a finished product, but allow me to skip that for now!  I do promise that I will finish the blog … but first … 

We want to tell you all how happy we are to be home … for Reals!!  Home for Good!  Home for the Holidays!  HOME HOME HOME!  It’s been so nice to be back.


We have received the warmest “Welcome Home”‘s from all of you … and it doesn’t matter where we meet you, at Vons or Costco, at mass or at our house … you are all so amazingly welcoming-back and it’s been great!  We’ve enjoyed the hugs and kisses and the “we missed you”‘s and the sincerity of your words and welcomes.  So thank you for that and for the people that you are to us … each and every one of you!  We are blessed because of you!

If we haven’t had the chance to bump into you yet, we will … soon!  Come on by if you’re in the neighborhood or give us a call and we’ll head your way!  If there’s one thing we learned in Chicago, it was that each and every relationship is a blessing (and sometimes a challenge) that God has given to each of us, and we must take every opportunity to connect and care for our relationships with one another.  So, let’s do it!! 

We wish you all the very Merriest of Christmases and peace in the coming year.  May 2017 be the year that each of us becomes a model for reconciliation beginning in our homes and spreading it in our world.  It’s just so necessary in our lives!!  Smile more and hug more.  Cry more and dance more.  Live more and Love more!  We can do it!   margaritabalcony

Thank you all again for your love and support while we were in Chicago … we couldn’t have done it without you!   We’ll see you soon (and I will finish the blog post of our road trip home soon!).  We’re sending our love and prayers your way until we meet again, and may our Great God keep you safe, healthy, and happy, each and every day!

Love you, Miss you, Bless you!

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Mele Kalikimaka!!



More Churches You Ask?

Oh yeah baby … and we are off early this morning!  We started off at the Bongo Room for breakfast, another favorite of mine.  Not because of their homemade Belgian waffles or their chocolate stuffed French toast … noooooo … because of their great service and friendly smiles!  Yeah, that’s it!  Ok, now we’re off to our first stop of the day …

St. Mary of the Lake parish!  OMG, this was another beautiful, active, giving parish.  We walked around the church and gardens because the front doors of the church were locked up tight.  Hmmmm … they don’t allow the faithful in during the day?  Weird!  img_2639



img_2655We found our way to the rectory and knocked on the doors — Hey guys!  We want in!  It was answered by a sweet lady who took us into the house and introduced us to Deacon Manuel.  He then immediately stopped what he was doing,  gathered us in and said, “Come follow me!”  I swear he did!!  So we did!!  And we were so happy we did … img_2651



img_2650He took us around the whole church and pointed out the beautiful architecture, the art work, the details and symbols of almost every piece of furniture and art in the church.  He, like Joe at St. Pat’s, was a wealth of knowledge.   He was so proud of his beautiful church but he asked us to pray for more parishioners for them.  He said that he and his wife had been parishioners there for 50 years, and that his family has celebrated every sacrament in that church over the past 50 years.  You know that this is their “second home” much like HNM is to many of us, and that they truly love it.  Deacon Manuel spent about an hour with us, showing us around, telling us stories, and even giving us one of their parish directories, because he said, it held so much history inside of it.

One of my favorite stories was this one … he said that during the early 90’s they did a major renovation to the church, restoring the artwork, cleaning every nook and cranny, and rearranging some of the seating.  He then took us over to the baptismal font that they use in the front of the church near the altar.   img_2648“Isn’t it beautiful” he says, and “does it look familiar to you”??  Well if you look closely, you can see that it’s actual pews!  They used the wood from some of their “leftover” pews to make the holder for the font!  He loved it and so did we!  How creative and again, they used their resources to tell their stories … to everyone who is baptized in that font and to everyone who looks at it and see “the pews” that were lovingly re-made into a piece of furniture that will be used over and over and over.  img_2643

img_2645We had a really special time with Deacon Manuel and promised to pray for him and his church.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?  God Moment!!!  img_2652

img_2659Peg, are you ready?  We got some souls to see!!  Off for a short walk to Graceland Cemetery, Chicago’s largest cemetery and the resting place for many of Chicago’s famous … and infamous! img_2660I should tell you that today was a 90 degree/90 percent humidity day … we hadn’t had one of these days all summer.  But today, our 7 mile walking day, it is!  So, you can imagine we’re pretty “steamed”!!  We took some time out at the cemetery talking to some of the staff in their cool, air conditioned office about some of the tours that run through the cemetery and the architecture of some of the headstones.  So, it turned out to be a great place for a “time out” … who else but Peggy and me would stop into a cemetery office for some conversation, water, and a history lesson!!  img_1201Yep, this is Marshall Field’s resting place.  I didn’t take a picture of his “plot” but he has pretty much a space the size of a small park for him and his family.  Ok, onwards we go!  Our next stop is St. Alphonsus!  And this was a beauty! img_2666 img_2668Doors of Mercy … and in we go!

We didn’t have a tour guide for this masterpiece, however, that didn’t stop us!  Apparently this church is on some “must see” church list because we weren’t the only ones in there snapping away!img_2671Oooooohhhhhhh … img_2674Awwwww … img_2675Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! img_2677

img_2676And on and on …. isn’t it beautiful?  img_2677What I’m loving about these “old fashioned” churches is the details … Look at the walls on this picture.  And then look at the stained glass, and the filigree, and the angel and the pillar.  Sometimes there’s just so much that you actually can’t take it all in … it’s overwhelming, but in a good way!  img_2686Feeling protected and watched over?  Yep, we sure were!  Oh, and don’t forget … Peg’s lighting candles for you all again!! img_2679Ok, time to go!!  Peg … Peggy???  Where are you??  img_2689“Oh, I’ll just be a minute!” img_2687Ok, fine!!

On our way out, we saw this!!  img_2690A “Lending Library” for the kiddos!  Isn’t that sweet??  And as we walked out the front doors, we caught a glimpse of their cornerstone … img_2695It’s been a great morning so this afternoon we’re gonna take it easy and have some fun!  Off to the lake we go!  I wanted to show Peggy the “Museum Campus” so we walked through the park on the “lakeshore trail” to enjoy the lake that looks like an ocean. img_2697Apparently we got there just in time!  Today was the day the “Tall Ships” come into the harbor!  So we were able to see the “Parade of Tall Ships” pass right by us on their way to Navy Pier.  It was the coolest thing ever!!  img_2716There was about 14 Tall Ships parading that afternoon, including this one that is a “Viking Ship” … I know it’s hard for you to see so I think that the next time they come into Navy Pier, you should definitely come and see it for yourself!  Bucket List = Tall Ships!!

After all that water stuff, we decided to do some good old fashioned “land” stuff … like bike riding!  So off we went over to the Planetarium to grab a bike.  img_2723This was Peggy’s first time .. in a long time … that she had been on a bike.  So we decided that she should take a practice run before we head out on the trail … img_2722So she did … and there she goes!!  Oh but wait … there’s more to this story … Yes more!  Lots more … and I am not at liberty to discuss it.  If you would like to know exactly what happened, you should ask Peggy the next time you see her.  She has it all on video.  All I can say is that there will be no bike rides on this trip!  Let’s go find the water taxi!!  😉 img_2728Here we are on the water taxi and all I can say is “Thank God she still loves me.”img_2727

img_2725God actually answered my plea, as you can see by this picture … He said, “Have No Fear Lani.  Peggy Will Always Love You.  Even If You Did Almost Break Her Legs.”  Ok, that’s a little dramatic … but really, I am thankful!

We ended our beautiful day at Navy Pier, taking in the sights, sounds, and millions of tourists, who were there to see the “Tall Ships” in all their glory.  It was a great day filled with the beauty of our faith and of our outdoors.

Let’s go home and rest our legs!!

Talk to you tomorrow!





Peggy Goes to Confession … 13 Times!

Hahaha!  Ok let me explain!!  But first … breakfast!!  And because we’re going to try and see 345 parishes in the next few days, we decided to start our church touring with a great breakfast at my favorite Jewish Deli – – Eleven City Diner!!  OMG, I know I’ve told you before, but their french toast (should be called “Jewish Toast”) is made with their homemade Challah bread and it is quite heavenly … right up our “churchy” stuff for today!

img_2507I also love their menu just because of the names of some of their items … makes me feel like my family is right there with me … maybe even cooking for me (Coco?? Bubbie??)!!img_2505

img_2506Yes girls, you made the menu so I’ll expect a great meal when we get home!  😉

Anyway, we got our fill of protein (yes, we did even though it doesn’t look like it!) so that we’d be ready for the day!  Next, we hop on the subway and off we go!img_2509Our first stop is to let Peggy see the cathedral.  Holy Name Cathedral is where Chicago comes to pray.  Every single time I’ve been in this cathedral, whether just for a visit or for a mass or other service, it has been packed.  It is it’s own parish and you can tell the people that call this place home just love it.  I love the ceilings and the ambo and the archways and the stations … it’s all beautiful and holds so much meaning.  Take a look … img_2517The Doors of Mercy.  The massive bronze doors weigh 1200 pounds each. The doors have the “Tree of Life” theme with intricate details that make the doors look like huge planks of wood.  And as a side note, I just love the Gothic style archway that they’re in. img_2520The ambo with the 4 Gospel writers engraved on it, along with the Holy Spirit. img_2522This is the sculpture that is over the Tabernacle … it’s a bronze and absolutely stunning.  img_2523The ceiling and the fantastic pipe organ.  First, their entire ceiling looks like this.  I often wonder who cleans this ceiling??  It always looks shiny like it was just polished all the way up to the top!!  How does this happen?  The organ?  Well, when they play it during their services, it is spectacular … Sorry, Dan!  I don’t think our HNM organ is on quite the same scale, so when you’re here, take some time to just sit and listen.  One afternoon a while back, I came in while the organist was rehearsing and I literally just sat there while he performed a concert just for me!

Lastly, because I know so many of our HNM’rs have a love for St. Faustina, here is a picture of her enshrined with her relic … img_2518Ok Peg, we gotta go!img_2521Because we’re up in the north end and close to “Mag Mile” I decide to show Peggy the famous street before we continue our journey.  My favorite stop is always the Tribune Tower because of the other types of “relics” that it holds in its walls.img_2526This “rock” is from the “Dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral” in Rome.  This might be as close as Peggy and I get to touching the ceiling in St. Peter’s!!

Next we decide to hop on the water taxi.  This is a really fun way to “get around” the city.  If you’re just going from one end of the city to another, hop on this taxi for a little change! img_2528 I never would have thought that people use a water taxi for commuting, but they do!  Eddie goes between two of his offices here in the city so sometimes he’ll hop on the water taxi to go from one office to the other.  How cool is that for a commute??  Look at these views!img_2540Roosevelt Road is right behind our apartment … if you look at the round looking building on the bottom right, our apartment building is right behind that one.  And yep, that’s the Sear’s Tower looking down on us!img_2538  img_2536This is the “Chinatown Station” for the water taxi stop.  Anybody want some dim sum?

Alright enough fooling around … back on the taxi!  We loved just riding around on that thing from “station to station” but we found our way to the French Market where they have the best cheese around!  First of all, I love the name of this little stall … “The Pastoral Artisan Cheese Shop.  Who wouldn’t buy “pastoral cheese“?  Well after a few samples and much discussions, we picked out a few cheeses … not because we tasted them and we couldn’t live without them.  Nooooo … we chose them purely for their names!!  Haha!  Check them out!! img_2542Who doesn’t love St. Malachi????  And his cheese was perfection!! img_2543In honor of our God-daughter, Marissi!!  And it was just what it promised to be … “restrained yet wonderfully complex” (just like our gal!) … and just plain delicious!!img_2544 I can’t remember why we chose this one but maybe because we both loved the Waltons???    No matter … buttery blast is right …. oh my!!img_2545And last but not least, for Jimmy & Corinnie!!  HAHAH!!!  And, of course, it tasted fabulous, along with the chardonnay and sherry!

The next morning we had a tour scheduled so we were up and attem’ bright and early!  We met Joe inside the beautiful Old St. Patrick’s for an official tour!!  He explained all the finery to us from each stained glass window, to the crossbeams holding up the ceiling, to the filigree patterns all around the “Big Guy” (that would be St. Patrick!!).  Here’s a sampling of what you’ll see when you get here!! img_2552


The entire ceiling looks like this!  


Ceiling over the Altar


Curved walls behind the Altar


Stained glass – every window looks like this! 

Joe was a great tour guide, a chock full of knowledge and a very happy parishioner.  He is devoted to his parish and loves giving tours, even to a couple of crazy church ladies from So. Cal.  That was a real delight to have our own private tour of this magnificent church!

Next stop … wherever we see steeples and bell towers, of course!!

We made our way via walking (11 minutes), then bus (23 minutes), then more walking (3 minutes) then another bus (13 minutes) … the best way to see Chicago!!  After getting off the bus, we know we’re heading to St. Stanislaus, but wait … look over there!!  It’s a steeple!  Ok, let’s go there first!!  Walk (5 more minutes) to … img_2566Holy Trinity Church!  And their Doors of Mercy! img_2568We weren’t able to get inside but we stood in the Doors of Mercy and then moved on to our original destination … img_2561St. Stanislaus!  I’ve seen this one many times from the freeway on our way to the airport.  It stands large and proud for everyone to see and is one of the many polish language parishes in the city.  In fact, I learned that Chicago has the greatest population of Polish people, outside of Poland!  Yep, that’s a fact!  img_2562They mean business here!  img_2569

img_2564We were pretty impressed that they have Adoration 24 a day??  WOW!!  So yes, we went in and spent a little time with Jesus before gawking at the physical beauty of their church.  img_2571Holy Cow, right???  Notice the floor.  There is no carpet anywhere and the pews literally just sit on the floor.  I don’t think I’ve seen a church without carpet in a long, long time! img_2573This is where they were having Adoration. Doesn’t this just look like the “Ark of the Covenant”?  It was so beautiful and you were immediately brought into the reverence of the scene.img_2580 Peggy went to light a candle for you all … Can you see that they are REAL candles she’s lighting.  Thank you Peg! img_2575

img_2577After all that oooohhing and ahhhhing Peggy needed to go to confession … img_2584This girl has lots to say ….img_2588Are you done yet???  We need to go … there are some “angels” waiting for us!

Our next stop came after a 6 minute bus ride (we coulda walked!!) and 9 minute walk to …img_2601



img_2605Yes, we made it to St. Mary of the Angels parish and let me tell you, this is an absolutely fabulous church.  Angels are everywhere!!  You can’t tell by the pictures, but there are angels perched on every corner of the rooftop … looking down at us, praying for us, protecting us.  I loved it!!!

And then you go inside … img_2624Isn’t that a beautiful statement, a wonderful reminder for us!!img_2607Holy Water Font!!  OMG!img_2608

img_2612More prayers for you guys!  Thanks Peg!img_2628


img_2616When you’re inside these churches and see the art work that is on the walls, you can’t help but think of it as a museum.  And it is in some ways, a museum of our faith — stories told on walls and through the architecture and through every single detail that your eyes can see.  It is really incredible to think that someone, a very long time ago, thought of us in their vision for these churches.  They didn’t build the churches for them (so to speak), but for those who were coming after them, to tell the stories that they knew they wouldn’t be able to physically tell us, but by sharing them on the walls and rooftops, and in the nooks and on the ceilings.  Thank God for those who came before us and shared their faith stories with us.  Where would we be without them??






Tabernacle behind Altar






Organ … again a million pipes


Looking back from altar

It was a wonderful, spiritual, uplifting experience just to be in the presence of all the angels and saints and the physical beauty of this church.  I can only think … do all those who gather here each Sunday know the beauty that they’re sitting in, appreciate it, and love it like those of us just visiting?  I sure hope so!!

Ok, well we should call it a day … Peg … Peggy??  Where are you???  img_2590 Yep, I found her … in the confessional … again!!  Haha!!

Talk to you tomorrow!



Two Crazy Church Ladies Hit Chicago!

Ok, when one of your “Besties” is coming to town and you ask her a couple weeks in advance of her visit, “Peg, what would you like to see and do while you’re with me?” and she says, “Oh I’d love to see the churches!” you know I’m in heaven right?  She’s my “crazy church lady kindred spirit” for a reason!  So, I pull out the book that Sharon and Glenn gave me before we left and start marking the pages!


I should say that Eddie and I have seen quite a few of the churches in this book and we have really enjoyed our visits.  But, when “CCL#2” (Crazy Church Lady #2) is in town, we are gonna SEE some churches!!  You know it!

I did some research on the catholic churches in Chicago because literally, there is one on every corner!  Or so it seems.  All you need to do is pretty much look up to see the steeples and bell towers and you say, “oh look, there’s a parish over there.”  So, here’s what I found:

The Chicago Archdiocese covers 1,114 square miles with a population of 2,228,000 Roman Catholics.  They have 346 neighborhood parishes serving the faithful.  

This compares to our Los Angeles Archdiocese:

The Los Angeles Archdiocese covers 8,762 square miles with a population of 4,349,267 Roman Catholics.  There are 288 neighborhood parishes serving the faithful.  

That is a huge difference!  There are a lot of crazy catholics out here!  And, for the time being, I’m happy to be one of them!

In the parishes that we have had an opportunity to visit, their bulletins often boast at least 5 priests (maybe we’ve been visiting the ones that are active and vibrant and full).  This is truly a blessed diocese.  And for the people too … If you don’t want to walk to St. ____, then go ahead and walk to St. ____.  And if you don’t like the priest at St. ____, just walk over to St. ____!  That’s how close their churches are.  When they began settling here in Chicago and priests started getting assigned to this “Stinky Onion” village (*Note:  “Stinky Onion” is the English translation from the Algonquian Peoples’ language, the original settlers, who named their village “shikaakwa” which literally meant “stinky onions by the river.”  The first known reference to the site of the current city of Chicago as “Checagou” was by Robert de LaSalle around 1679 when he wrote in his journal of 1688, that the wild garlic, called “chicagoua”, grew abundantly in the area.  There, history lesson for today!), they knew that because of the extreme winter weather, the churches needed to be close to their faithful.  So, a church on every corner??  Almost!!  I think I learned that if you lived here, you should only have to walk 1/2 mile to get to your neighborhood parish.  They didn’t want their parishioners walking too far in the freezing cold weather.  And their churches are stunning, really.  I have never been to Europe, but I imagine that the churches I’ve visited here look much like the ones in Europe.

But first, it’s Sunday morning so our first stop is mass.  And boy did we luck out!  But wait, let me backtrack here a sec.  Peggy and I have gone to Congress for many years and whenever Fr. John Cusick is one of the featured speakers, we always go to his session.  He is a breath of fresh air, progressive, smart, has common sense, and absolutely loves being a priest.  He’s funny and challenging and he reminds us a lot of our own amazing Padres.  The next time he’s a speaker at Congress, be sure to attend his session because no matter what the subject matter is, the class will be great!  I guarantee it!

Ok, now back to mass.  We take a nice stroll to Old St. Patrick’s near our apartment and get there in time for 10:00 mass.  After we take our seats, we notice the priest walking around, chatting with the people, passing out hugs, and as he gets closer to our pew … OMG!  It’s Fr. John!  Peggy and I immediately turn into “groupies” and start telling Eddie all about Fr. John and how fabulous he is and everything we can remember about him.  What a great surprise!!  We get through mass itching to say “hi” to him afterwards, but when we get outside, there’s a gazillion more groupies out there in line to talk to him.  Holy Moley!  Well, we amble around, show Peggy the architecture and wait and wait and wait … until finally … he’s free!  “Fr. John!  Fr. John!  We love you!  We go to your class every year at Congress!  I’ve been going to see you for 25 years at least (Lani)!  I’ve gone the last few years and I’m a true fan of yours (Peggy)!  We love you!!”  (I should mention that Eddie is hanging back watching this unfold and is probably a little mortified.)  Can we get a picture with you??  Pleaseeeee???


Well, Fr. John is not only a fabulous priest but also a gentlemen … he gathers Peggy and me in for a picture and then orders someone else to take the picture so that Eddie can be in the picture too!  Out of all the liturgies we have been to here in Chicago, this was the absolute best — a true gift with one of God’s beloved servants!  Thank you Fr. John!

After mass, we have our first “must see” stop for Peggy (and you if you decide to come for a visit!).  Where is that you ask?  Oh, you must know by now, right?


Yep, I had to introduce her to my favorite Chicago friend … Sue!  We made our way around the Field for a while and when it was our turn, we stood in line for entrance to the “Terracotta Warriors” exhibit.  This is another one of those fabulous exhibits that you have to see more than once in order to absorb everything about it.  I have learned so much about this exhibit that I might be able to give you a tour … however, I still prefer to grab my own docent every single time I go just to see what they have to say about the exhibit.  Each docent knows something different about it and it’s fun to learn as much as you can through other people’s knowledge.


We had a great time just strolling around the museum, taking in the largest exhibits that we could in such a short time …


I love this picture … It totally looks like Peg is having a good old conversation with those ladies from Africa!

Here’s another “large” exhibit …



You can’t tell by this picture, but it was standing directly next to a Wooley Mammoth!  This deer (from Ireland!) was as big as the mammoth!  It is crazy to imagine a deer being that big!!  See what you can learn every time you visit?

It was a great afternoon at the museum and now we’re headed out for some wonderful food in Chicago’s Greektown neighborhood.  This is one of our favorites, so you’ve seen lots of pictures of this place!  I think we made Peggy a believer!

img_2504 Here are a few of our appetizers!  Hummus, Mediterranean olives, fried cheese!!  All absolutely delicious!

It’s been a fun day but we need to get to bed … we have about 345 more parishes to visit this week!

Talk to you tomorrow!












Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

Well with the boys gone you would think my schedule would open wide up … NO WAY JOSE!!  I’m still off and running!  I’ve got places to go and people to see!

First stop … Clark & Van Buren to grab Debbie so we can walk to Union Station to grab Phyllis!  Gonna have some girl time today!!  Both of the girls’ hubbies had conferences here in Chicago so we get to spend the day together!  How fun is that … we are bringing La Verne to Chicago!

But first things first.  We gotta give a “shout out” to our other LV gal, Sharon, who’s dad used to hang out at Blackie’s on the corner of our block.  So, Sharon!  Here’s to you!!


Ok now we’re ready to rock and roll.  Remember yesterday when the boys and I went to the Art Institute and I told you that everyone just has to go there?  Well … guess where we’re headed?  Yep …



The Art Institute is said to be the “Number 1 Visited Museum in the World.”  I have no idea if that’s the actual truth but when Chicago says something, everyone believes it!  In any event, if and when you ever get to Chicago, this has to be on your list of “must see” places.  It’s so hard to describe because the art really moves you on so many levels.  I can’t do that here!  So, in we go …

There is a new exhibit at the museum and wouldn’t you know it, it’s right up my alley!  It’s called, ” Doctrine and Devotion – Art of the Religious Orders in the Spanish Andes.”  Ok, I’m not gonna get crazy here but you know this was where I would be found for the next couple of days!  It started with St. Rose of Lima, embroidering, no less …


The exhibit turned out to be absolutely amazing.  Of course, I say that about all the exhibits there, right?

I’ll show you a few of the pieces from the gallery, but I really think you should make it a point to get out here and see them with your own two eyes!  First, the Blessed Mother …



Second, St. Peter at the Denial …



I think this one is soooo pretty.  I love listening to the audio guides for the pieces or speaking to a docent about them.  I am not an art aficionado by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think that my appreciation has increased by ten-fold due to my frequent visits at the Art Institute.  What an amazing gift to have just a few blocks away from our front door.

What another great time at this great place but we’ve gotta go!  We are hopping on my favorite tour bus so we can hop on and off as much as we want.  But first, a stop at …


Yep … this is the beginning of our very own Route 66!  Isn’t that amazing??  And with the Sear’s Tower hovering over us in the background … I’m not sure our picture in La Verne under the Route 66 sign will look like this????


We decided to take the evening tour since we could!!


This is the famous Wrigley Building all decked out in rainbow colors!  But then as the sun set, check this out …


Isn’t that pretty?  I was able to capture the beauty of the full moon, the wispy clouds and the skyline in the back.  It’s not the greatest pic, but I was so happy that I finally got a good picture of the moon in Chicago!


Buckingham Fountain all decked out in colors too, and lastly, a nighttime shot of the rail lines that go through the park to all sorts of places around the state.


Isn’t that pretty!!!

The next morning, Phyllis, Mike and I, decide to take the city by bikes!  So … off we go into the wild blue yonder!  No, we didn’t ride into the lake that looks like an ocean by accident!  But, yes, we did have quite a day on the bikes!


We rode all over Grant Park and by the harbor, then all the way north to Navy Pier.


We had a “date” with the rest of the gang so we made our way there for a friendly game of …

img_2286Bocce!!  Philly’s hubby, Tom, and Debbie’s hubby, Gabe, were finished with their conferences so we were all able to get together for a fun Friday Night in Chicago!  We have a fun place called Pinstripes that has bocce lanes and we have a lot of fun there.  So, friendly game … yeah right!!  Eddie was trying to give his teammate some (much needed) instruction!  She looks intent …


Next it’s Deb turn to throw …

img_2281Check out her concentration … img_2282Nice move Deb!

And Tom … now he’s a serious bocce player!!


img_2289It was so much fun to spend time with our friends and “ooohhh” and “Oh No!” and “Gooooo!” and all the other funny ways we try to get our little ball to go exactly where we want it!  I highly recommend a good game of bocce to add a little excitement in your life!


img_2277Check out Gabe’s form … he’s truly a master at this game!


img_2279Such seriousness … and yes, he is serious … he’s bringing out the … measuring tape!  Now this is serious stuff!

img_2290Who won?  I have no idea!  I was too busy taking pictures and gabbing away with everyone!  All I know is that it was a great time and a fun way to start the evening!

The next thing on our Friday Night Lights list?  You’re not gonna believe this one … we’re taking the speed boat out on the lake tonight to see the fireworks!  Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, the city sets off an amazing fireworks show and we usually see it either by watching it from our rooftop or being somewhere close to the lake.  Being on the lake is quite a different experience!  It was so pretty and the best part was watching the fireworks reflected in the many buildings on the skyline.


img_2297 That’s Navy Pier behind us.  I should probably tell you that we were on a speedboat that goes super fast on the water which means we’re gonna get wet!  And we did!  And I’m not gonna lie, it was a little cold there for a bit!  Being on a lake that looks like an ocean in summer wear at night … it was cold!!  But that was ok … we had fun!


img_2303Of course, these pictures don’t do them justice, but for us on the boat, watching the fireworks being reflected on the buildings in the skyline was really something!  I don’t know what I watched more … the fireworks as they were hitting the sky or the reflections being held in the buildings.  If you ever have a chance to see that, I’d say do it!!  It was a great summer experience!! img_2319We finished the evening off with a stop at Molly’s Cupcakes.  There’s no better place to be at 10:00 at night on a Friday evening than Molly’s!!   I’ll have a chocolate cupcake with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting!  Heaven ….



img_2320I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “build your own” cupcake … it’s like making it right in your own kitchen just for me!  Oh yum!!!

It was the perfect sweet end to a perfect sweet day with good friends!  We are blessed that you have come either by happenstance (work!) or by choice!  We’ll take you either way!

Talk to you tomorrow!